February 14, 2023
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Many stories are told in various ways. All forms of literature, drama, and poetry include narrative conventions that bind the text together to make it flow. We see these conventions at work in novels, films, and plays. However, they aren't just limited to any kind of art form; even everyday conversation breaks convention and introduces a new standard.

Using proper storytelling techniques is important for the successful completion of any message. Storytelling can be a powerful tool for marketing, persuasion, and other forms of communication. A script is a list of actions you must perform to effectively convey your meaning. Storytelling is the art of creating genuine stories that are relatable to the audience; it grabs their attention instantly and keeps them hooked until the end.

Narrative conventions are an essential part of storytelling. They can be anything that helps the story move forward and identify the personalities, emotions, and events within academic styles. When used correctly, narrative conventions add depth to your story and keep viewers interested by creating vivid images in their heads.

cyclic narrative

Narrative Convention - What is it?

A "narrative convention" is a specific way of creating a narrative, which means it's the way most stories are told. There are plenty of different ways to tell a story, but all these ways have their own set of rules and formats because stories are made up of many different elements that bring the story together. Some examples of conventions include a dialogue between characters, descriptions and details about the setting, tone, and mood, the conflict between characters, and repetition of words and phrases.

Narrative conventions are the established patterns, motifs, and expectations for the way a particular type of story, narrative, or theme should be told. This means all fiction will have certain elements, including the use of characters, settings, dialogue, and plots, that are typically found in those stories.

A narrative convention is a technique that writers can use to make their work more enjoyable for the reader or viewer. They work as a shortcut for the writer, allowing him or her to communicate more effectively with the audience. In other words, they help create an atmosphere where everyone can get involved and learn something from the story being told.

Can You Explain the Types of Narrative Conventions?

Episodic Conventions

They are used to tell a story that has no clear beginning or end. Episodic stories often occur in a series of events that all relate to one another but there is no overall plot line. Episodic conventions are those that allow a writer to tell a story in an episodic fashion one episode at a time. This means that each episode has its beginning, middle, and end, but also contributes to the larger theme of the overall story. A story that is told one event at a time. These stories tend to be less dramatic than others, but they have the advantage of being easier to follow.

Episodic conventions include:

  • Time passing without any indication
  • The narrator tells what happened without showing it
  • Unfinished sentences

Linear Conventions

Linear narrative conventions are a set of rules that govern how time and space in a story are structured. A linear narrative is one in which the story unravels from beginning to end. The story begins with a character's first scene, continues through the rest of the book, and finally comes to a conclusion in the last pages.

Linear stories are those that move from beginning to end in a straight line. The events of the story unfold chronologically, and there is no jumping around between different periods.

Linear conventions include:

  • No flashbacks
  • Characters always moving forward in time
  • A clear beginning, middle, and end A linear story has a beginning, middle, and end.

It starts at point A and ends at point B, with all events in between contributing to the story’s overall theme. Linear stories are more dramatic than episodic ones because they build up to a climax.

Cyclic Conventions

The cyclic narrative conventions are an important element of the novel. It is a convention that each chapter or section of the novel is written in a different style and tone, which helps to reinforce the theme of the story.

For example, the first chapter of the book is written in a very formal style, perhaps even Victorian or British, whereas later chapters are written in a more informal, conversational tone.

Cyclic conventions include:

  • The narrator tells what happened without showing it
  • Unfinished sentences: These are stories that are told in chronological order.
  • Repeating words or phrases to emphasize their importance
  • Using circular plot devices, such as journeys back home

narrative convention

What are Some Importance of Using Narrative Conventions?

  • Narrative conventions are used to create meaning and order in a story. They help the reader understand how they should interpret events or characters.
  • They hold the rules that help to tell a story. They can be found in all forms of literature, including novels and short stories. They are important because they give the reader clues as to what is happening in the story at any given time.
  • Narrative conventions are important because they help to create a sense of structure and meaning in the reader’s mind. They are found in all forms of literature like novels and short stories.
  • Narrative conventions are important because they help move a story along and keep the reader engaged. They provide structure, and without them, it would be difficult to tell a story.

Common Mistakes Committed by Students While Drafting a Narration Convention

  1. Overly Detailed Descriptions: When writing a story, it is important to remember that your readers can only picture what you are describing if they have enough information to do so. If you give them too much detail or take too long in describing something, they will lose interest and begin thinking about something else.
  2. Making The Reader Work Too Hard: The best stories make readers feel as though they are watching a movie, rather than reading a book. The characters should be easy to visualize and the action should flow smoothly. If you use long, complicated sentences or write in a passive voice, readers will have trouble following along.
  3. Excessive Exposition: Focus on showing rather than telling; this means you should describe events as they happen instead of explaining them beforehand. They want to be able to read your story, not think about what they are reading. If you include too many unusual words or sentence structures, or if you rely on too much description or narration rather than dialogue, readers will stop reading and start thinking about something else.
  4. Using Overly Complicated Language: It is important to remember that the purpose of writing fiction is not simply as such, it is important to avoid using too many words and keep the language simple and clear. If a sentence has more than five or six words in it, break it down into two or more sentences.
  5. Using Too Many Adjectives: Adjectives are great for describing things like color and size, but they should not be used to describe feelings or thoughts.

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