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About Us


Eight years ago, some like-minded experts came together and decided that students of all academic level require the help of an assignment expert to help them complete their assignments on time along with their busy schedule. Hence, My Assignment Services (MAS) came into being.

My Assignment Services understand the need for students to pursue part-time jobs in order to meet their financial ends. Hence, we ensure that you can handle your university and job without having to worry about the assignments and their grades. It has been observed that writing assignments are a challenging task for the international students who have not followed English as the first language. The adaptation to the English speaking and writing environment takes time and is a thorough process. These students might meet the prerequisites of the university’s course but struggle in the classrooms due to a language barrier. Though the students can understand the requirements of the task, they find it quite difficult to jot down their responses on a piece of paper in a clear and concise manner simply due to the fact that they have a limited English language competency.

We take pride in our vast pool of talented and qualified human resources who work in a constant synergy to exceed their own expectations and the client’s satisfaction. On our panel, we house experts who hold master’s degree and doctorate and are experts in their field of study. Our team of professional writers is distributed across the globe to suit the time zone of various individuals. As a result, we have ensured that there is always an expert available to handle the assignment requirements and queries in a moment’s notice. MAS also boasts of the team of customer executives who are available all hours of the day, all days of the year to offer any support that the students might need on their assignments.

You might be struggling in a simple engineering question or a complex topic of quantum mechanics in aerospace, My Assignment Services is always readily available to offer help at the earliest. Our experts take care that what answer file you are submitting is backed and supported by credible and authentic resources, are written in the required format and meet the deadline.

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