4 Types of Academic Styles for Assignment
November 11, 2022
Author : Kristy

For the past years, many have been reading articles dealing with style requirements for academic writing. This has created a lot of confusion about the different academic styles. The different academic writing styles are not something new. They have been used for years and are still being used today. The main difference between them is their purpose, which has to do with the kind of information that you want to communicate.

To help students and scholars who are still new to this subject, this blog will provide some knowledge about how to write a high-quality paper that can be accepted by a professional reviewer.

Academic writing is among the most complex and demanding styles of writing. You can never expect to master this difficult form of writing just by going through some basic rules. Learning how to write academic-style essays is a time-consuming and sophisticated process, which will take its time until it fully sinks in. Easing yourself into the topic at hand by reading up on the kind of academic approach you'll have to adopt is very useful, but only if you follow some simple guidelines.

The academic style of writing refers to the preferred format, length, and content of an assignment. It is a major component of academic literacy and writing skills. The academic style is a specific way of writing that is used in schools, universities, and other educational institutions. It differs from other styles of writing for two main reasons:

  • Academic writing is concise, clear, and concise. The writer must use the smallest number of words necessary to convey their meaning.
  • Academic writing focuses on one central theme or issue.

Why academic styles are used

What are Academic Styles?

Academic writing is a style of writing that focuses on the quality of your content. It's a way to write so that you can be understood and appreciated by your readers. As an academic writer, you need to know how to write in different styles and with different tones, depending on the audience you are writing to and the topic you are writing about.

Academics are the most important part of a student's life. In today's world, it is not enough to just get good grades. Students need to be able to apply what they learn in class and put it into practice. If a student cannot do this, then their education will be incomplete, and they will not succeed in life.

Academics are often the difference between going from being a mediocre student to an exemplary one. Therefore, academics are so crucial for students' success. The academic style emphasizes self-improvement through continuous learning and personal development. It encourages students to think critically about how they approach their studies, how they spend their time, and what they do when they're not studying.

History of Academic Styles

Academic style is a set of conventions that govern how you write, speak, and compose your work. The most used academic style is the Harvard system. It was developed by Harvard University in the 18th century, to standardize academic writing. It was adopted by other universities around the world and has remained largely unchanged since then.

The history of the academic style is a long one. The earliest written works in English to survive from the Anglo-Saxon period were in Latin, and it was only with the Norman Conquest that Anglo-Saxon manuscripts began to be translated into French.

The first English book published in London was entitled An Introduction to Grammar, which was printed in 1526. It was written by William Lily (also known as William Tyndale), who was later burned at the stake for his work on translating the Bible into English.

In 1665, John Dryden published a satire called The Hind and the Panther which satirized the contemporary fashion for puns and word plays. This work is still considered one of the most brilliant examples of literary satire in English literature.

What is the Difference Between an Academic Style and a Non-Academic Style?

The main difference between an academic and a non-academic style is that the former is characterized by seeing the world through a lens of critical thinking, while the latter is characterized by not doing so.

This can be illustrated with the following two examples:

Example 1: You're at your friend's house, and they're watching a movie. You decide to leave because it's boring. Your friend says, "Don't go. It's only 50 minutes long." You say, "You should stay and watch it with me." Your friend says, "I'm not interested in movies." You say, "But you like movies. You should stay here with me." Your friend says, "But I don't want to watch this movie with you." You say, "What do you mean? It's my favourite movie ever." Your friend says, "No. It's not."

Example 2: You're at your friend's house again. They've just shown you their new game system that they got for Christmas. They tell you how awesome it is and how much fun they had playing it together last night. They also showed you their new TV that they got for Christmas as well. They tell you how much fun they had playing with their new game system on its last night. You say, "That's great. I'm so happy for you." Your friend says, "So what did your parents get you this year?" You say, "Well...I don't have anything to show for myself."

What are the Key Features of Academic Style?

Academic style is the form in which you write and speak. It is important to learn how to write academically as it can improve your communication skills, help you make better use of your time, and give you a competitive edge in both school and work.

There are four key features of academic style in your writing:

  • Objectivity
  • Formality
  • Precision
  • Hedging

4 Main Types of Academic Style

There are four types of academic styles for writing a paper. They are:

Formal Academic Style

This is the most common type of academic style in which the writer uses different parts of speech correctly and correctly places them in their proper places. The writer uses many complex sentence structures and avoids using simple sentences. The formal academic style is also called the 'scientific style' because it is used in scientific writing.

Informal Academic Style

This form of writing is used when the writer wants to express his/her opinion in less formal terms than those that are used in formal academic writing. An informal academic style is also used when a writer wants to make the text more lively or personal. The informal writing style should be used when:

  • You want to share your opinion with your readers.
  • You want to write about something that happened in your life or something that interests you.
  • You are writing about a topic that is not very serious (for example, if you are writing about what happened at school).

Creative Writing Style

This type of essay is written to develop ideas or concepts that cannot be expressed by using formal academic language. For example, an essay about how a particular person treated others may be written using informal language but it will still be considered creative writing because it does not follow strict rules regarding grammar and punctuation marks.

Technical Writing Style

This type of essay requires knowledge about different subjects or topics before its completion, so it requires creativity from the writer and thus falls under the category of creative essays rather than formal essays. Technical writing is usually done by experts in the particular field of study, and they are expected to use scientific language as well as technical words that can be easily understood by other people who have similar knowledge.

Academic Writing style

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