Making Study Notes
September 22, 2022
Author : Nandy

Are you one of those who are perplexed by the concepts and topics and lack guidance and support? Well, it's a common problem faced by the majority of students, whether they are preparing for their college papers or competitive exams.

Making notes has been a traditional practice for many years and is a simple approach to comprehending topics and making studying easier. However, every study note may not be up to the mark or useful. But it is up to us how we make them effective for our studies. In this blog, we will discuss how to make the most effective study notes that will help you retain even the most difficult concepts and theories at your fingertips.

Study Notes

What is the Importance of Regularly Maintaining Study Notes?

In academic writing, you need to keep some points in mind while writing because making successful and effective notes is considered to be one of the most crucial things when it comes to having competitive exams or preparation for any topic. Making and using study notes will assist you in reducing stress and anxiety during exam time.

Here are a few considerations that are important in the perspective of effective notes:

  • Make an effort to attentively listen to what the instructor has to say.
  • It necessitates that you consider what you write.
  • assisting you in making connections between subjects
  • After-class quality evaluation material
  • One should know to inculcate a variety while making notes in their high school and acknowledge the progress to senior school, then to colleges.
  • There are several note-taking strategies available that you may utilize to begin taking better notes in class.

Format for Organizing Notes

  • Your study notes should be brief, clear, and straight to the point so that you may prepare for your tests with ease of their extraction data.
  • Avoid any mistakes while writing or taking notes.
  • Separate notes should be prepared and maintained for each unit.
  • Try to use headers, bold, italic, subheadings, and other formatting tools to add structure to your notes.
  • Try to simplify the most critical points.

5 Advanced Study Notes Making Techniques Used by Top-Scoring Students

Because each student is unique, their approaches to learning and implementation will be as well. Making study notes on your own will be the best way to get effective study notes for study purposes.

Hence, here are the top 5 techniques that will help you take notes for exam preparation or any competitive exam. So, let's discuss these techniques:

1. Cornell's Technique

This technique is one of the best that is highly appreciable for getting effective study notes. The Cornell note-taking approach will allow you to get the most consumable summaries from your institute's notes. This will include major points, details, study cues, and a summary, all published in one spot, making this strategy successful.


  • Notes are nicely arranged, structured, and simple to reread.
  • Easy to extract key ideas and concepts by having the summarised content.

Document representation

The document is split into three major portions: a 2.5" margin to the left, a 2" summary portion at the bottom, and a major 6" in-class note part.


  • Take informative notes during the main class.
  • Have a look at these notes in the section of the cue. After finishing the class, you need to make a list of items that are important and you'll need to memorize them, along with a prompt for each.
  • Make a summarised content of your notes in the summary at the bottom. The essential points will be highlighted in this part, which will allow you to keep those things in your mind.

2. Mapping Technique

The Mapping note-taking approach will allow you to get the most information in your head with the help of visuals. This strategy is excellent for those who feel bored and do not concentrate on the learning process.


  • This is useful for visual learners who have difficulty learning from notes.
  • Aids in remembering and connecting links between concepts.

Document representation

The whole document is split into topics. Every primary topic is split into subtopics and each with deep and thorough information.


  • Initiate the mapping of the primary topic during class.
  • Create a headline for every subtopic that is initiated from the primary topic.
  • Under each subtopic, add the proper significant notes.
  • Repeat this and maintain the cycle.

3. Outlining Technique

The outlined note-taking approach provides you with a better organization of subjects using headlines and bullet points. This strategy is best suited for learners who study subjects in depth.


  • Notes may be nicely arranged and systemized.
  • The link should be maintained between the main topic and subtopic.
  • Simpler to turn bullet points into research questions.

Document representation

Each portion starts with the primary topic's headline. After having an appropriate headline, each subtopic and description will be written.


  • At the time of taking notes during a class, initiate with a single bullet point and write the major theme with a description.
  • Indent the first subtopic slightly to the right.
  • List the rest of the details below with a slight indent to the right of your headline.

4. Charting Technique

The charting note-taking approach allows you to arrange the information in columns. This strategy is ideal for courses that cover a large number of facts or connections between topics.


  • The facts and information are well-structured and easy to review.
  • Significant information on each topic is highlighted.

Document representation

The document is structured into categories-labelled columns. The rows below include detailed information for each category.


  • When information concerning a category is mentioned, write it down in the respective and appropriate column.
  • When the following topic is initiated, go under one row and initiate over.

5. Sentence Structure Technique

The sentence note-taking approach involves writing each topic as a jot note sentence. This strategy has an effective impact on fast-paced lectures or classes that cover a lot of important information.


  • Make a list of essential points which allows you to identify which information is significant and which is not.
  • You can swiftly indulge in a lot of information.
  • Notes are condensed and concise for ease of study.

Document representation

Each line in the document represents a new and distinct topic. To further the organization of your notes, utilize headlines for each major topic.


  • Make a note of any key facts that are important and that the teacher has stressed over. It could be in the form of a phrase or a list of points.
  • For each new piece of information, start with a new phrase or point.
  • Headers are greatly used to group points by primary subjects.

Effective Study Notes

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