Gibbs Reflective Cycle
March 27, 2024
Author : Frank Barnes

Have you ever wondered how you can learn effectively from past experiences? And win in all your healthcare case assessment assignments? Then, Gibbs' reflective cycle is here to the rescue. Being a creature of emotions, we tend to make a plethora of mistakes without giving it much thought. And, these mistakes often help us to turn into the right path. So, we know that most of the time mistakes can turn into life lessons. Why not use a proper method that can help us make the most of our past mistakes? When you leave your mistakes as it is without thinking about them, it is evident that you will make the same mistakes repeatedly.

Understanding in detail the reflective cycle of Gibbs can make things easier for you and give you a chance to understand things better. Not only for your professional life, you can also use it for your personal life and to help out your friends in need. This style was introduced in 1988 with the main aim of providing the individual with a structure to help them take lessons from their past experiences. When you follow this style, you can improve your future actions and save yourself from making similar mistakes. Are you eager to discuss things in detail and explore the six stages? Scroll down to know!

5 Perks of Gibbs Reflective Cycle

Exploring the Six Stages of Gibbs Reflective Cycle

Although it can take you some time to become familiar with Gibbs's reflective cycle, it can make all the upcoming changes easier. On the other hand, working with half understanding can leave you confused about the situation. Therefore, it would be best to dig deeper into things before you start the writing process. Make sure to keep the list of questions with you when you are working case assessment. Below mentioned are the six stages you should know about:


In the initial stages of this reflective cycle, you have to focus on the description of what exactly happened. Over time, you will lose the details and you might end up assuming some things. To do this, you should keep all the details in check and a proper description. Check the Gibbs reflective cycle example to know the right way to answer. Below mentioned questions below can be your guide:

  • What was the overview of the incident? Explain all the factual information and reflect upon the exact memories instead of assuming things.
  • What was the reason for the incident? Share the main reason behind the occurrence of this incident.
  • What was your course of action during the incident? Mention the actions taken by you with the proper reasons.
  • Who was present during the incident and what was their involvement?
  • What was the major outcome of the incident? Provide the proper result of the actions taken by you and how you feel about it.


In the next step of Gibbs's reflective cycle, you will be analyzing your feelings and thoughts. It's not just about what you said and how you reacted, it's all about digging much deeper and coming up with exactly what you felt during the moment. Then, you can explain your feelings and thoughts and reflect on the situation accordingly. So, without judging yourself you have to answer the below-mentioned questions:

  • How were you feeling when you were experiencing what happened during the incident for the first time?
  • Why were you feeling the way you were feeling? What was the main reason behind your feelings?
  • How did all the external factors influence your feelings and were you aware of the fact that you are being influenced? Explain all the external and internal factors that affected your feelings and how you are planning to deal with them.

After answering all the questions, you will be aware of all the things that affected your feelings during the incident. In case you find it challenging to come up with the right words, you can opt for Gibbs reflective cycle assignment help and get assistance from an experienced professional.


It's time for you to keep all your personal judgments aside and get into the evaluation phase where you will rethink all the things. Evaluate all the things! It does not matter what worked well and what did not, just make sure to evaluate things and allow yourself to reach an unbiased conclusion. This way, you will create a report that can help you understand things better. Without any further ado let's explore the questions that will give you more clarity about what is Gibbs's reflective cycle and why it is beneficial:

  • What things worked in your favor? Explain the things that made the situation easier for you.
  • What made the situation worse for you or what did not work in your favor? Mentioning all the things in detail is necessary here, so make sure to eliminate the unnecessary things.
  • What actions and feelings did you contribute to the circumstances and how do you feel about it now?
  • What were the major actions of the people involved in the circumstances and how do you feel about that?
  • What do you think was missing in the circumstances and if given a chance how can you make things better?


As per the nursing assignment help experts you have to be careful with this one if you want to present the case assignment excellently. Here, in the analysis part of this reflective cycle, you can see that the whole situation starts to make sense. Mention the exact thing about the incident together with the reason for its failure and success. Now that you have already mentioned all the things in detail, it is not important to add unnecessary details in this section. Below are some of the helpful questions for you:

  • Think about all the things that worked well and ask yourself - why things went well and what was the reason behind that.
  • Observe the things that did not go well and look for the answer to the question - why did stuff not end well?
  • What was the exact meaning and lesson you learned from this experience and how can you apply the things for the betterment of your life?
  • How can you apply in the situation you are stuck with?
  • Is there any way to sum all the things up in just a few words without exaggeration?


In the conclusion stage of the Gibbs reflective cycle, you are required to keep things simple and take a closer to yourself and your readers. Start by highlighting all the changes that you should make when it comes to the actions and think about the later actions you can take. Keep the conclusion detailed and action-oriented rather than keeping it too theoretical. Find the questions below to make the conclusion easier:

  • What are your learnings from the situation and how did you find those learnings?
  • What skills can you gain to deal more effectively and efficiently if a situation like that happens in the future?
  • How are you going to deal with the same situation with all the things you have learned now?
  • What things you will avoid doing if you face any similar things in the future and why?

Action plan

Finally, you have reached the action plan stage of the reflective cycle of Gibbs. Not only is it one of the simplest parts, but it can work as a guide for you and help you make the upcoming challenges easier. So, determine the exact ways to make things easier for yourself. Consider the questions mentioned below to draft an excellent action plan:

  • How can you handle this circumstance better in the future?

Here, you will emphasize the steps you have considered doing to assist you handle a similar circumstance in the future in a different way.

  • How will you hone your abilities and skills to handle comparable circumstances?

In this instance, you will emphasize the ways in which you will hone the abilities to handle circumstances more skillfully.

Now that we have a better knowledge of the cycle, let's apply Gibbs' reflective cycle to analyze a reflective practice in health education.

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Pursuing medical courses is not uncomplicated as you have to learn theoretically together with practicing the hospital procedures. With multiple commitments to manage and unrealistic expectations, you might start to feel overwhelmed. But, you need to think about the end result and keep yourself on the right track. As you have learned from Gibbs's reflective practice, you can learn from your mistakes to get the grades you desire.

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