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May 13, 2024
Author : Frank Barnes

Research is one of the imperative parts of the development and discoveries of new things in all academic fields. From science to psychology, every subject now has some research work in it. While researching for your assignment, you will find there are many types of research one should know to do accurate and in-depth research work to get precise details. However, the real struggle is that research is quite a draining task as it requires a lot of focus and time. Hence, you will have to go through stress while doing research, but the rest of the work will be a piece of cake once it is done. 

Furthermore, numerous established methods are used in research to dig a problem or research question. These types of research methods are essential in stating your ability to prove the hypothesis research based on clearly defined environments, assumptions and parameters. Understanding and having in-depth knowledge about the types of research can help you better plan the assignment by utilizing the most accurate techniques and methodologies. 

What Is Research?

Research is carefully considering a study using scientific approaches to address a specific problem or research concern. According to the sociologist Earl Robert Babbie, “Research is a systematic inquiry to explain, describe, control, and predict the observed phenomenon. Therefore, it involves deductive and inductive methods.” 

Research is conducted with the purpose of:

  1. Recognize potential and new buyers
  2. Comprehend existing customers
  3. Set practical goals
  4. Develop productive market approaches
  5. Handle business challenges
  6. Put together a business expansion plan
  7. Specify new business opportunities

What Are The Characteristics Of Research?

Here are the vital pointers that reflect the characteristics of types of research that you must know:

  1. Good research uses a systematic method to obtain accurate information. While observing or drawing conclusions, you must practice ethics and a code of conduct. 
  2. The analysis is based on logical reasoning and involves deductive and inductive methods.
  3. Real-time knowledge and data are derived from observations in natural settings. 
  4. There is a deeper study of all data gathered so that no anomalies are associated. 
  5. It makes a clear path for generating new queries. Existing data helps create more research opportunities.
  6. These types of research methods are analytical and use all the available data to prevent ambiguity in inference. 
  7. Accuracy is one of the most critical components of research. The information must be correct and accurate. For instance, laboratories provide a controlled environment to gather data. Accuracy is measured in the instruments used, the calibrations of tools or instruments, and the experiment’s outcome. 

Comparative Analysis Chart Explaining The Purpose Of Research

Here is the comparative study chart that explains the primary objective of the research work. 


Exploratory Research

Descriptive Research

Explanatory Research

Approach used



Highly structured

Conducted through

Asking questions

Asking questions

By using hypotheses


Early stages of decision-making

Later stages of decision-making

Later stages of decision-making


Tips for choosing a research methodology

Types Of Research With Examples Every Student Must Know

Types of research refer to the numerous methodologies used to conduct research. Based on your primary research goals, purposes, timelines, and different types may be better suited for certain studies. Furthermore, fundamental and applied research are the two primary research categories. Most research types can be traced back to being applied or fundamental, depending on the analysis’s goals. 

1. Fundamental Research

It is also known as theoretical or basic research. Hence, it is designed to help you better understand particular phenomena in the world. It looks at how things work but doesn’t seek to find how to enhance them. However, if you are concerned about “How I will write my paper before the submission date?” let me tell you that this research attempts to broaden your understanding and expand scientific explanations and theories. 

Example: A company studies how multiple product placements impact product sales. This study provides information and is knowledge-based. 

2. Applied Research

Applied research is designed to specify solutions to particular problems or find answers to specific questions. It offers knowledge that is implementable and applicable. 

Types of applied research include:

Technological: This research examines ways to enhance product, process and production efficiency.

Scientific: These types of research estimate certain variables to predict behaviours, impact and outcomes.

Example: A student working on a doctorate in education studies ways to enhance student learning and involvement in the classroom. This research focuses on a defined issue and is solution-based. 

3. Action Research

It is typically used in educational settings for professors and principals to perform self-assessment and course correction. 

Example: A teacher collects data about their approaches to teaching fifth-grade math. At the end of the first school year, they discovered only 33% of students explained proficiency in the concepts. As a result, the teacher implements new methods for the second quarter. 

4. Causal Research

It is also known as explanatory research. It seeks to determine cause-and-effect relationships between variables, determining how much one variable may cause a change in another. These types of research methods are imperative for evaluating current processes and determining if and how changes should occur. 

Example: A business studies employee retention rates before and after instituting a work-from-home program after six months to see if the approach increases employee satisfaction. 

5. Classification Research

It seeks to specify and classify individual components of a group into larger groups or subgroups. 

Example: Students study an animal species, placing them in defined groups based on shared characteristics, like:

  1. Body Segmentation
  2. Type Of Habitat
  3. Reproductive Methods
  4. Diet

6. Comparative Research

Comparative research identifies the differences and similarities between individuals like a professional online paper helper, subjects, or groups. 

Example: A business owner reviews new hiring training documentation and finds that new employees get the same information at orientation and in their initial department training. The owner incorporates materials into the session to allow more time for department-specific training. 

7. Cross-Sectional Research

It is also known as synchronous. Therefore, it means research studies a group or subgroup at one point. Researchers generally select participants based on specific shared characteristics like gender, age, or income, and they examine the differences and similarities within and between groups. Furthermore, this group is uses as a representation of a huge population. 

Example: A company researches the sale methods of its top 10% of salespeople and compares them to those of its bottom 10%. It gives the company insights into the most and least successful sales techniques. 

Types Of Research Methods 

Here are the two types of methods that you must know while researching:

1. Qualitative Methods

Qualitative research is a method that gathers data using conversational methods, usually open-ended queries. Hence, the responses collected are non-numerical. This method helps a student comprehend what participants think and why they think in a certain way. 

Types of qualitative methods include:

  1. One-To-One Interview
  2. Focus Groups
  3. Ethnographic Studies
  4. Text Analysis
  5. Case Study

2. Quantitative Methods

Quantitative methods deal with measurable forms and numbers. They use a systematic way of investigating data or events. They answer questions to explain relationships with measurable variables to predict, control or explain a phenomenon. 

Types of quantitative methods include:

  1. Survey Research
  2. Descriptive Research
  3. Correlational Research

Wrapping It Up!

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