how to write a thesis statement for a research paper
May 30, 2024
Author : Frank Barnes

Many students wonder how to write a thesis statement for a research paper. A thesis statement consists of important questions and arguments about any particular topic of a subject. Properly-written thesis statements engage the reader and make them want to read further. This is an important part of your research paper. That is why many students feel compelled to write a good thesis statement that makes their presentation well. But how can one write a good thesis statement? And how will you ensure that your thesis statement reflects the right approach to your topic?

That is what we are going to cover and explain to you in detail so you know how to write a good thesis statement for research paper. Your thesis statement should reflect the topic and the argument clearly and concisely. We will be discussing the introduction to the thesis statement in a research paper. How does it differ from certain other important lines of research used in the official research paper? What is the importance of a thesis statement in the research paper? And more importantly, how can you ensure that your thesis statement is presentable and informative? Let us head right into the topic and learn about the thesis statement in a research paper.

Steps to write a thesis statement for a research paper

What Is The Purpose Of A Thesis Statement?

Before knowing how to write a thesis statement for a research paper, you must know what purpose it serves. A thesis statement provides a central idea and/or argument about a particular idea, highlighting the main points. The purpose of a thesis statement is to provide the readers with significant information regarding the topic. It informs the reader about the context of the topic and what comes next. It highlights the main points about the topic, circles down on a central idea and lays down a roadmap for the readers. A thesis statement also provides a clear idea to a writer about how they are going to write their entire paper, focusing on a single theme or idea.

What Is A Thesis Statement?

You must be waiting to know how to write a good thesis statement for research paper, but do you have a basic idea of it? For students who are unversed about the idea of what a thesis statement is, let us provide you with a definition of a thesis statement. You must have a good understanding of a thesis statement before you begin writing it. By definition, a thesis statement is one or two sentences that summarize the main points while providing a central argument or idea about a topic. While this is the easiest way to understand the thesis statement, many students do not have the right idea about it. A thesis statement is often confused with a research question and hypothesis, which are somewhat different than a thesis statement. 

Thesis Statement

As explained by a paper helper, the thesis statement consists of the main points and/or arguments about the topic in a short write-up. Thesis statements are not only confined to the research papers but other forms of writing. It can be an essay or a nonfiction written material. For example, “social media is a growing concern among teenagers, and further research is needed to discuss it extensively and come to a conclusion.”

Research Question

Research questions, by their nature, are questionable and investigative as they impose a question on a particular subject. The research question focuses on a central question and inquiry into a matter after identifying a specific issue. Researchers do not feel concerned about how to write a thesis statement for a research paper; rather, they focus on the answer to the proposed research question. Research questions are specifically confined to research papers, though, unlike thesis statements or hypotheses. Example - “What are the contributing factors of social media addiction and related problems among teenagers?


The hypothesis can be understood as a future projection about a particular topic without reasoning or providing evidence. These claims come before the particular research process of the topic and aim to prove if the proposed hypothesis is correct. A hypothesis is not confined to any particular writing form as it is for the research questions. In fact, you can use a hypothesis along with a thesis statement or a research question. You just know how to write a good thesis statement for research paper, and you can use a hypothesis. Example - “rising addiction to social media among teenagers is a cause of dependency on electronic devices and virtual interactions leading to negative mental and physical health impacts.”

How To Write A Good Thesis Statement?

This question must be itching your mind, and that is what you came here to know. Well, without further ado, let’s talk about how to write a good thesis statement for your research paper. These points will provide you with the right approach to think and formulate your thesis statement.

Understand The Assignment And Topic

To know how to write a thesis statement for a research paper is to know about it thoroughly. First, understand the requirements of the assignment and then understand the topic you have given. If a topic is not provided to you, then find an appropriate topic you can discuss about.

How About Starting With A Research Question?

You can start by writing a research question instead before you think about the thesis statement. Writing a research question will help you to think of a central idea and problem that needs to be focused on. When you form a research question, write a thesis statement based on the central idea the research question is referring to. This is one of the ways to know how to write a good thesis statement in research paper.

Create A Rough Statement Based On Research

Research is the process of gathering information and/or data referring to the main points of your topic. A good research question will allow you to conduct research on the central idea and issue you are going to focus on. Based on the research conducted, a hypothesis will be formed, and then a rough thesis statement will be formulated. This will ensure that your thesis statement consists of all the right and appropriate amounts of information. If you feel confused about it, you can get assistance from experts who can provide thesis writing help.

Provide Solid Arguments And Proper Reasoning

It is important to remember that your thesis statement is probably the most important part of your assignment. Based on the placement of your thesis statement (either in the introduction or the second paragraph), provide further information. Give proper reasoning regarding the central idea and issue, and provide pieces of evidence to support your central argumentative thesis. This will allow you to be clear and considerate about the objectives of your thesis statement. Your central thesis statement should reflect a logical and/or realistic interpretation of a problem. That is a way to know how to write a thesis statement for a research paper.

Plan Right To Write A Good Statement

It is important to write a thesis statement that reflects your central idea regarding the topic. It should be reflective of the main highlights of your topic and provide readers with a context. Remember that your thesis statement can also go at the end of the research paper or any assignment. You just need to rephrase the thesis statement and reiterate to the reader what it was about that needed our focus. This way, you will ensure that your thesis statement is clear, bold and informative to the reader. If you are facing issues with writing a research paper, you can take our online research paper writing service. We will guide you through it all! Signup now.

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