solve for x in a cubic equation
May 31, 2024
Author : Alex

Are you a maths student looking for ways how to solve for x in a cubic equation? If that is you, then we have got you covered. Do you find the particular part of this equation difficult to understand and solve? Does it get too complicated to solve, and you often run into problems while solving it? If this is your first time trying to solve a cubic equation, we like to assure you that it is normal. Almost every amateur math student comes across the complexity of the cubic equation.

We are going to explain how you can solve for x in a cubic equation, and we are going to start from scratch. Beginning with the basic definition of the cubic equation will allow you to understand the basic function. When you have learned about the basic introduction to the cubic equation, you can move on to the breakdown. The breakdown of the cubic equation will enable you to look into the finer details of how to solve the equation. At the end, we will lay down a finer explanation of how to solve the x in a cubic equation with an example.

solve for x in a cubic equation

What Is A Cubic Equation?

Before knowing how to solve for x in a cubic equation, let's know about the nature of the cubic equation. The cubic equation is a mathematical equation involving the degree of a polynomial equation. The degree of the polynomial is the highest power of the variable(s) in the equation. In the equation, the highest degree of variable power is 3 (x=3). The equation is represented by the form of ax3+bx2+cx+d=0, which is the most general way to represent it. In this representation of the equation, a,b,c, and d are the real numbers.

Why Do Students Face Issues When Working With Cubic Equations?

In finding ways to solve for x in a cubic equation, students find several obstacles. These obstacles include not being familiar with the concepts and the theories and other reasons. The ways that these problems are making it difficult for the students to solve the equations need to be acknowledged in order to understand the pain points of these students. Before we tackle and acknowledge the solution to solve the equation, we need to get hold of the elephant in the room. These are some of the problems that math students face when solving the equation.

Complexity To Understand

When students try to understand the problem of how to solve for x in a cubic equation, they tackle with the methods at first. These methods are sometimes so complicated that students find it difficult to solve the equation. To solve cubic equations, you need to know the cubic formula, which involves solving the square root and cube roots, which students find complex.

Remembering The Formula

Having said that, mentioning the cubic formula is the most important part of the solution for students' problems. Most often, students struggle with remembering the cubic formula and applying it appropriately. Since applying the formula involves several steps and substitutions, it gets confusing for the students to solve for x in a cubic equation.

Lack Of Consistent Practice

It is not uncommon for students to not independently indulge in the regular practice of solving the cubic equation. The lack of a consistent formula practice leads the students to not have a clear understanding. They might find themselves stuck in a particular point of step or simply fail to recognize the problem of the process.

Understanding Of Basic Concepts

Most often, students find complications in understanding the basic concepts related to cubic equations. That is why many students take the help of assignment experts online. This allows them to understand the difficult theoretical concepts of cubic equations such as factoring, roots, etc.

Calculation Mistakes Leading To Error

Solving the cubic equation through the cubic formula is a lengthy process and it can get intimidating for the students. Due to a likelihood of running into an error of arithmetic or algebraic manipulations, students commit mistake while solving the equation. 

Struggle To Find The Right Help

The most common reasons why students run into trouble of knowing how to solve for x in a cubic equation is due to the fact that they do not find the right resources and professional guidance. Since students lack someone to help them, this often leads to frustration and then discouragement.

Breakdown Of The Cubic Equation With An Example

To learn how to solve the equation, you need to understand the breakdown of the cubic equation. If you are familiar with the concept and don't need the breakdown of the equation, skip to the next section. For students who are unfamiliar with the concept, we will provide the breakdown to make the solution easier to solve for x in a cubic equation.

This is the equation we have taken → x3−6x2+11x−6=0

Here, the variable is x, and 1 (x3), -6 (6x2), 11 (11x) and -6 (6) are the coefficients (denoted by a, b, c, and d). Following this, x3 is the cubic term, x2 is the quadric term, and x is the linear term. The final cubic equation looks like this → 1x3−6x2+11x−6=0

Solving The Cubic Equation In A Simple Way With An Example

Solving the cubic equation to find the value of x requires some easy steps to follow. Our experts providing a maths assignment help explain these steps in a simple manner, starting with:

  • Write down the cubic equation (example - 1x3−6x2+11x−6=0)
  • Look for the common factors among the a, b, c, and d; then factor them out
  • If it isn't factorable, use the cubic formula to find the exact value of x
  • Look for the specific cubic formula, but you can use the general formula
  • Use Newton's method, graphing or Vieta's formula as the very last option

Take Professional Help To Find The Right Way

We have laid out a simple method to know how to solve for x in a cubic equation. You can use the steps provided by our experts to find the value of x. This will allow you to have a simple process of solving the cubic equations and finding the value of x. However, remember that the last option mentioned for the solution is not that simple. These are the numerical methods to find the approximate solutions for the value of x. It can be complex to understand these methods. 

If you have issues understanding these concepts, you can always take advantage of our assignment writing service. Our assignment experts will provide you with the right solutions and guidance on the mathematical concepts. You will be able to clear your doubts and have a comprehensive understanding of the concepts. Take multiple revisions and clear solutions from these experts whenever you want. So don't keep waiting. Register now!

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