How to write a research paper
September 21, 2022
Author : Nandy

Research report writing is essential coursework demanded by universities in degree and diploma courses. Before you graduate from college, there is a chance that you will have to write at least one research paper at the college level. However, writing an excellent research report can be an intimidating task, especially if you haven't done it before, as it requires excellent communication and understanding skills.

This detailed guide will help you understand every aspect required to develop better and more persuasive writing skills for research papers.

Research Paper

10 Easy Steps for Effective Writing

Step 1: Getting familiar with the assignment

Although it may seem simple, it is crucial to comprehend the requirements before you begin producing your research paper for your professor or teacher. Many students don't complete this phase, and they later wonder why their paper - which they worked arduously on or were enthusiastic about - receives a poor grade. They frequently failed to read the instructions, which is why. Spend adequate time and go over multiple times with the instruction by looking at everything the instructor has said. Also, look at the rubrics to know the exact items required in the research and conduct it diligently.

Step 2: Picking a topic

After you have a clear understanding of the requirements for your research paper, you must choose a topic. Although it may seem overwhelming, try not to get stressed out. Writing about a subject you are interested in or enthusiastic about can be helpful, but don't stress about picking the ideal case. A contentious topic is frequently great since it allows you to practice objectively outlining opposing viewpoints and, if necessary, defending one if the project so requires.

Step 3: Research

You have been waiting to discuss the most crucial section, research! It is a flexible step where different people will conduct their research in various ways. But it's critical to maintain concentration and move swiftly. You still need to compose your research paper, after all.

Step 4: Organizing research

What should you do with all of this information now that you have it? The focus of step four is organization. Similar to research, everyone has distinct preferences in this area. Your assignment may also play a role. When it comes to arranging your research, a bibliography - literally, "book writing" - is helpful. It's a list of the books, magazines, and other sources you used.

Step 5: Forming a thesis

You're prepared to express your own perspective, argument, or claim now that you know what you've been asked to accomplish, have picked a topic that suits the assignment, researched it, and arranged it. Your paper needs a thesis statement even if you are not supporting or refuting any claims. A thesis statement is a concise statement that is presented in the form of an argument as what you are attempting to explain or prove in your work.

Step 6: Creating an outline

Your assignment may affect how you write your outline, just like it does with a bibliography. If your instructor requested an outline from you, make sure it complies with the provided example, instructions, or specifications. Even if writing a method is not compulsory, it may still be a valuable tool while you construct your research paper.

Step 7: Writing

Finally, it's time to sit down and compose your paper. Even while it might seem like you should have begun writing sooner, know that the effort you have done so far is significant. It will assist you in writing a solid, understandable, and engaging research paper.

Step 8: Editing content

Now that you've completed your paper, pat yourself on the back. You've put forth a lot of effort to get here. Then resume your work. Your document still has to be edited before submitting it. Do you recall how you were told not to stress about being perfect? You don't need to worry, but now is the moment to polish your paper to the highest standard.

Step 9: Editing grammar

It's also crucial to proofread for grammar. Although it could seem difficult, there are many tools and resources available. You can use Grammarly or Strunk if you are confused about how to use commas, semicolons, run-on sentences, etc.

Step 10: Re-reading and paper submission

It's certainly time for a rest once you've completed Steps 1 through 9. Give your paper the last read-through over a day or two (if you're pressed for time, give it an hour or two). If you have just gone through your paper on a screen so far, it may be good to print a copy and read it that way. While reading a document on your computer, you could catch errors or formatting flaws that your eyes overlooked. It's time to submit your research paper once you've reviewed it one last time and verified that it adheres to all the requirements of the assignment.

Research Paper writing

Where to look for Resources?

Research Librarians

The research librarian is a frequently overlooked resource. Did you know that college and university libraries frequently include staff members whose job it is to assist answer your inquiries in addition to the abundance of books and internet resources? It may sound simple but take a moment to become enthusiastic about how much this may benefit you and your research paper. Research librarians are research experts. These librarians typically have areas of expertise, so you may obtain focused assistance that is relevant to your subject. They can lead your research and writing in a particular direction or assist you in finding resources and experts in the area you're investigating.

Teacher or Professor

It is crucial to take a step back and consider why your instructor or professor asked you to write this essay while you are composing a research paper for them. They are probably offering you a chance to learn something from them. Asking a lot of questions, making mistakes, and practicing your new skills are common learning methods. Ask your instructor as many questions as you want without being shy about doing so!

Academic Databases

You could be required by your teacher to utilize some or all scholarly papers that have undergone peer review as sources for your research report. You may have access to a variety of academic databases as a college student that you might utilize to discover scholarly papers.

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