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Managerial Economics Assignment Help in Canada
February 03, 2023
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Managerial economics is the study of how companies function and how to govern them. It is now an essential requirement for those who want to be successful in business. It is a field of economics that focuses on how management decisions affect the performance of an organization. It provides individuals with tools to analyze and make sound judgments about their jobs, as well as people having a say in such matters such as profit sharing and profit taking. The main purpose of this blog is to provide you with a clear picture of all the basics of managerial economics in no time at all.

managerial economics assignment help in Canada

More About Managerial Economics and its Components

Managerial Economics covers all aspects of the economic activities which involve human beings as customers or workers; it includes firms that operate in markets as well as those which operate in non-market settings such as charities or non-profit organizations; it includes companies as well as public sector institutions such as schools, hospitals or municipalities.

The primary focus in economics assignment is on decision-making by individuals or groups within organizations to achieve particular goals through resource allocation within their given constraints (i.e., budget).

Managerial economics is the application of economic theory to the practical problems of managing an enterprise. It involves a combination of technical economic analysis, accounting and business policy.

Managerial economics is a broader field than just financial management, which is its most obvious application. Financial management addresses the operations of a business for financial purposes (e.g., financing, and cash flow statements). Managerial economics also addresses how firms organize themselves, what they do and how they behave as managers in order to achieve their goals. The term "managerial economics" was coined by Alfred D. Chandler Jr., who wrote about the subject extensively in his series of books entitled The Visible Hand: The Managerial Revolution in American Business (1977).

What are the Types of Managerial Economics?

Liberal Managerialism

A liberal managerialism is an approach to economics that emphasizes the role of individuals in making decisions. It focuses on the individual and their ability to make rational choices given their preferences, resources, and constraints. The main goal of liberal managerialism is to help managers make better decisions in their daily work and also give them a wider perspective of the economic environment they operate in.

Liberal managerialism is the dominant approach to management in the Western world today. It focuses on maximizing shareholder value, which includes ensuring that managers act in a way that protects the long-term interests of shareholders. This is the dominant approach to economic theory and policy in the US. The focus of liberal managerialism is on efficiency, maximization, and markets. It places a heavy emphasis on competition as a driver of innovation and growth.

Liberal managerialism focuses on the self-interest of individuals and corporations, which can result in actions that are harmful to society. For example, if a firm has an opportunity to pollute but it doesn’t cost anything, then the firm will likely pollute because it makes more money than if it didn’t pollute.

Normative Managerialism

Normative managerialism is based on the idea that people and companies should make decisions that are in the best interest of society. This view may be similar to a moral philosophy called utilitarianism, which suggests that an action is good if it brings about the greatest amount of happiness for everyone involved (including those who are harmed).

Normative managerialism is the opposite of liberal managerialism because it focuses on social welfare rather than self-interest. It aims to help managers make decisions that will benefit society and not just themselves or their companies. For example, if a firm has an opportunity to pollute but it doesn’t cost anything, then the firm will likely pollute because it makes more money than if it didn’t pollute.

Normative managerialism is a school of thought that focuses on the economic, social and environmental well-being of society. It is based on the concept that managers have a responsibility to make decisions that benefit society as a whole.

Radical Managerialism

A radical managerialist believes that managers should be able to make decisions that are good for themselves and their employees. They argue that businesses exist for the sole purpose of making money, so the best way to do this is by focusing on increasing shareholder value. This is in contrast with normative managerialism, which focuses on how decisions affect society as a whole.

Radical managerialism is a philosophy that focuses on making decisions that are morally right or good for society. It also looks at issues such as ethics, social responsibility and corporate governance. Radical managerialism differs from normative managerialism in that it does not focus on the moral responsibility of managers but instead focuses on what managers should do when making decisions.

Nature of Managerial Economics 

Although the field deals with economic issues, its focus is on management rather than market forces and supply and demand. This is because managers are trying to optimize the performance of their firms by making choices within a range of possible outcomes.

Managerial Economics: Art & Science 

The term "managerial economics" refers to both art and science. It requires an understanding of both microeconomics and macroeconomics, as well as the psychology of human behaviour. 

Managerial economics must also be grounded in behavioural economics because it involves applying principles derived from psychology to business problems. In general, managerial economists view humans as being rational decision-makers who respond rationally to incentives and rewards (i.e., they use economic models). However, there are exceptions that lead some economists to believe that humans are often irrational decision-makers when interacting with one another in groups or organizations (i.e., they use behavioural models).

Managerial Economics: Microeconomics

Microeconomics is the branch of economics that deals with individual decision-making. It focuses on how individuals, households and firms make choices about consuming goods and services, producing output and investing their income.

Microeconomics examines how people react to prices and how those reactions influence supply and demand in markets. is the study of individual decision-making in the marketplace. It examines how people, businesses and governments make choices about what to produce and what to consume. The field also focuses on analyzing whether those decisions are efficient or not.

Microeconomics looks at many factors that affect supply and demand, including prices, costs, profits and losses. The field of macroeconomics examines the performance of an entire economy over time. It’s concerned with measuring economic growth, unemployment and inflation. This type of research also analyzes how government policies affect the economy.

Managerial Economics: Uses Macroeconomics

Macroeconomics is the study of how a nation’s economy performs as a whole. Understanding macroeconomics can help you make better financial decisions, whether it’s saving for retirement or buying a house. It can also help you understand how changes in government policies affect your personal finances. can be used to study the effects of government policies on the economy.

For example, it can help determine whether a new tax rate will increase or decrease revenue. It also allows researchers to examine how changes in one country’s economic policy affect other countries and the global economy.

Macroeconomics can be used to answer a range of questions, including:

  • What led to the Great Depression and how can it be prevented in the future?
  • How do monetary and fiscal policies affect an economy?
  • What are the effects of inflation on business profits, wages, and savings?


Multi-disciplinary approaches to economic research are becoming increasingly important in today’s world. The economy is a complex system involving many different study areas, including anthropology, business, sociology, and political science. Macroeconomics can be applied to a wide range of issues that affect our lives every day and has applications in many fields.

Macroeconomics is a multi-disciplinary field that uses insights from a range of fields, including sociology, psychology, and political science. For example, it can be helpful to understand how people make decisions about buying houses or cars when interest rates change.

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