difference between Matlab and Octave
April 16, 2024
Author : Frank Barnes

In the era of developing technologies, we have various programming languages, and we can pick any one or more of them to achieve deeper knowledge of that specific language. The difference between Matlab and Octave is one of the most trending search questions. However, it may be because both of these are being utilized for mathematical computation. That is why statisticians depend on these languages to do tasks effortlessly. Ocrave solves linear and nonlinear issues. Additionally, it is compatible with MATLAB for completing significant tasks.

Here, we will discuss two imperative computer programming languages used by students, engineers, and scientists: MATLAB and Octave. Furthermore, keep reading to get more precise details about both programming languages one by one.

What makes Matlab and Octave different?

MATLAB and Octave are the two frequently talked about programming languages in 2024. As they offer researchers and data scientists a host of tools for statistical analysis to help them make the most desirable outcomes from their data. However, it can be overwhelming for students to tell the precise difference between both programming languages because these two applications look very much alike. Moving forward, in this write-up, our academic experts of Matlab assignment help services will compare the two to clarify every single doubt. Let us start with a brief overview of Matlab and Octave.


MATLAB is one of the most widely used tools and a high-performance programming language in technical and statistical study. Hence, it supports both object-oriented and procedural programming. Additionally, it is also referred to as a multi-paradigm language. It is used to function in a wide range of tasks. These tasks include statistical analysis, algorithm growth, visualization, simulation, signal processing prototyping and many more. To understand the difference between Matlab and Octave and do these tasks, the software offers plenty of tools like functions, output/input features, control flow statements, data structures and so on imperative, object-oriented programming elements.

2. Octave

Octave is yet another popular programming language in numerical analysis. It is used to solve some of the complicated linear and nonlinear statistics problems and delivers an extensive library of structured programming tools. Furthermore, the language fully supports different data formats and has impressive elements like complex numbers, built-in mathematical functions and user-explained functions. If you are searching for a great alternative to MATLAB, then this is it! To understand more about Octave and its elements, connect with our online assignment help services.

An Overall Comparison Between MATLAB And Octave

While Octave and MATLAB are both amazing tools for programming and data study, there are some noticeable differences between them that you should take into consideration when choosing the best software for your urgent tasks. However, our expert team of qualified professionals has listed some of these below.






It is the abbreviation of Matrix Laboratory that is used for technical analysis.

It is a programming language that is utilized for numerical analysis.

Coded as

It was programmed in JAVA, C++ and C languages.

It was programmed in Fortran, C and C++ programming languages.

Syntax format

Example: for exponentiations: ^

Example: for exponentiations: ^ or **


It has a better interface than the other software.

MATLAB software is better than this software interface.


“! String” is used to make a call with a string command.

“!” is taken as the logical operator for Octave commands.


It does not support any assignment operators and auto-increment.

It supports some auto-increment and assignment operators, such as i++ or ++i.

Loading empty files

It allows loading an empty file.

It does not permit the loading of any of the empty files.

RAM requirement

It requires more RAM to process well.

It requires less RAM to process than MATLAB.


It is available at a high cost.

It is available free of cost in beer and speech.


Which is more popular, MATLAB or Octave?

From the graph, it is quite clear that MATLAB is more popular among students, scientists, and engineers than Octave. We can even see that Octave and  MATLAB have a huge difference in terms of popularity. Moreover, the graph of MATLAB itself tells us that it fluctuates and changes from time to time. At the same time, the Octave graph has minor ups and downs in terms of popularity. Thus, if we compare MATLAB and Octave popularities, MATLAB clearly wins the game.

Details Of The Other Major Differences Of Matlab Vs Octave

Here are some of the other imperative MATLAB and Octave differences that every student should know before working on their assignments.

1. Operators

MATLAB does not support auto-increment and assignment operators. However, Octave has the appropriate support for them, such as ++i and i++.

2. RAM Usage

If you want to run MATLAB on your machine, you need to have more RAM than to run Octave on the same computer.

3. Price

While understanding the difference between MATLAB and Octave, MATLAB offers numerous packages for different needs and requirements. You can pick either one that fits your needs. Furthermore, Octave is a no-cost programming language. Anyone can use it without paying.

4. Ease of Use

MATLAB offers a comprehensive toolbox for functioning numerous tasks. These tools are quite handy and ready to perform some special functions. However, Octave depends on syntax to perform any work, which makes it quite slower than MATLAB. 

5. Boolean Expression

When we compare boolean expressions in MATLAB, it delivers a syntax structure error; that is, it is not a supported form. Octave responds to the boolean values by ans=0. 

6. File Execution

Between MATLAB and Octave, MATLAB supports the command line that is used to execute that file in the directory. Likewise, Octave also supports the same thing, but you may not find this particular facility if you are using an old version of Octave.

7. Empty File Usage

While working on MATLAB, you can not load an empty file. However, if you are working with Octave, you can load the empty file without any problem. It is quite better than MATLAB.

8. Print Function

If you want to print on the screen using MATLAB and Octave, then you can only use fprintf. Hence, it is the command that is used to print the result on the screen in MATLAB. Further, if you want to print the screen, then you can use both fprintf and print in Octave.

Wrapping It Up!

If you are looking for effective statistical software on a fixed budget, we recommend Octave. However, if you are looking for functionality, effortless navigation, and ease of use, MATLAB would be the best option for you. MATLAB is widely used, which gives it a slight edge over Octave. Nevertheless, if you are searching for programming assignment help services to finish your assignment before the submission deadline, then look no further than My Assignment Services.

Our academic experts make sure that you get valuable information about your assignment along with your assignment. Our 1-on-1 live sessions will help you learn the basics of your programming assignments, which will help you in your academic career. So, it’s time to relax a bit and enjoy our top-notch services at very reasonable prices.

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