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computer technology
June 13, 2024
Author : Julia Miles

Imagine living in a world where there were no laptops, mobile phones, social media, AI and even Google. You wouldn’t be here nor would this article be. Of course nature, chirping birds and clear sky would boost your positivity. But what about networking, exploring and expanding your knowledge? Would going miles for all those things be viable? That’s how computer technology has changed our lives- from hard to easy; from distance to accessible; from positivity to alpha-narrative. So let’s deep-dive into the definitions, importance and career scopes of computer technology and IT. 

importance of computer technology

What is Computer Technology? 

As a generation of AI and social media, you must have an idea what computer technology entails. In simple words, computer technology is an intangible and tangible system that developed the ways we dealt with the physical world. However, in the present context, computer technology is every new development that improves the functioning of computers and makes it more automated and accessible. 

The technology refers to both tangible hardware and intangible software that can change the internal functionings of computers. 

In the technologically advancing era, learning about applied computer technologies is an important umbrella term that includes diverse applications. So let’s see the what else applied computer technology covers under its ambit 

Types of Computer Technology


Hardware is those parts of computer which you can touch. Scientific and technological studies and inventions produce new hardwares that enhance the functioning of the computers and add new features to them. Just imagine a wall clock or a hand watch and smartwatch. 

Software Development 

Software is the intangible parts of computers that determine its functioning. Many software have been created years ago. With changing times, their features are getting obsolete. So, new software is being invented to provide more functions to the users. New software that introduces new features in your PC are the technological development of computers. Consider the introduction of online learning and ed-tech websites to meet your academic needs. 


Computer technology also includes improvement of networking. Since social media is a part of the technological world, networking too is an essential aspect. By introducing new ways to connect with people, computer technology improves the networking among users. Consider messaging apps like WhatsApp over normal messaging features on mobile phones. 

Cyber Security 

Another very important part of computer technology is enhancing cyber safety. The more transparent and accessible computer technology has become, the more it is being victims to cyber crimes. Many people become victims of fraud, scams and other crimes. So applied computer technologies also focus on enhancing cybersecurity so that users can have safe surfing. Consider the development of a cyber cell in the police department to deal with hacking and online scams. 

AI and Machine Learning 

Computer technology has brought AL and Machine Learning to the world to ease human tasks. White AI does tasks that require human intelligence, machine learning is a system in which computers use the data entered to read and act accordingly. Consider AI tools like Grammarly and automated vehicles. 

Human-Computer Interaction 

This technology studies the interaction of humans and computers. It makes it more transparent, easier and accessible. 

IT assignment help will give you more details about the applications of computer technology 

Why is Computer Technology Important?

Productivity and Efficiency 

Computer technologies are devoted towards taking over the repetitive tasks so that humans can focus on other complex problems which require human intelligence and creativity. The automation of computers reduces the possibility of human errors also. 

Improving Communication 

Computer technologies like online meetings, video conferencing, social media and other networking platforms connect people within a country and on the global level. This helps in exchange of ideas and wider outreach of professional and personal purposes. 

Advanced Education

Computer technology has introduced e-learning which facilitates education of many people irrespective of whether schools are accessible to them or not. Online classes, education websites and online exams have made education efficient and transparent. 


Computer technologies facilitate innovations in various fields. By providing applications that simplify complex problems or repetitive tasks like data analysis, calculations and research,computer technologies help scientists in innovating new things in various sectors. 

Advanced Healthcare 

Technologies like MRI, CT scans and X-ray are results of applied computer technologies. It is through computer technology that medicines and patiets’ medical records are stored in the hospitals. Even online appointments with doctors are possible due to advancing computer technologies. 

Enhancing Financial System 

We live in the era of digital banking which has made money transactions very easy. Moreover the digitized version of financial transactions have made it transparent and safe. So more technological advancements will further enhance the financial aspect of the human world. 

Career Scope of Computer Technology 

Even though the field of computer technology is growing, layoffs have terrified the employees in this sector. Hearing about layoffs, lack of jobs and unemployment in the tech industry, you must be worried about your future. Well, it is natural because the issues are serious. According to a study, in December 2021, Indian tech-companies laid off around 30,000 employees. The situation is so dire that there is little to no placements in top computer technology colleges. But what is the way out of this problem? 

Here is a list of jobs that will be in demand with the growing computer technology. You can pursue them based on your interest. computer science assignment help can also provide you guidance about the career scope.

Data Architect 

As a data architect, you will be responsible for organizing the data architecture of organizations. As of 2024, a data architect can earn up to 24.4 LPA.

Data Scientist 

As a data scientist, you have to use algorithms to extract knowledge from structured and unstructured data. A data scientist can earn 13,3 LPA.

Software Developer

As a software developer, you have to design, manage and maintain software applications for an organization. A software developer can earn up to 9.4 LPA.

Software Engineer 

As a software engineer, you will have to use engineering skills to develop, design, maintain and test the software of the computers in the organization. As a software engineer, you can earn up to 7.8 LPA 

System Analyst 

As a system analyst, you will have to analyze and improve the efficiency of computers in the organization. You can earn up to 10.2 LPA.

Before you freak out, know that there are more job options in the field of Computer Science. You just need to explore your interests, skills and contrasting jobs. When you are passionate about something, no one can reject you. 

Computer Technology is an evolving field. It will never stop or disappear because digital is the future. So your course in computer technology will never go to waste. It will be required and be in demand constantly. Although you need to evolve too. You need to add skills as the technology is improving so that you can present yourself as an employee suited to the present version of computer technology. Need help? Contact assignment helper

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Computer technology is a vast field that keeps growing. It helps humanity in achieving impossible tasks. As far as academia is concerned, computer technology is crucial to enhance your studies and assignments. It will help you research and expand your knowledge and hence create spectacular assignments. My Assignment Services can guide you in understanding the use of computer technology to enhance your assignments and to grow in your career. Get assistance assignment helper, who are well-versed with the latest technological trends will be your guide to your brighter future. Contact us now!



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