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May 07, 2024
Author : Frank Barnes

Persuasive writing is any work that tries to persuade the reader of the writer’s opinion. In addition to standard writing skills of persuasive essay outline and logical arguments, a persuasive essay author can also use personal experience, an appeal to emotion, and a compelling speech to influence readers. 

Furthermore, persuasive writing relies on strategies and techniques that are different from those of other written works. In persuasive essay writing, it is not enough to simply inform. You must also convince the reader that your way of thinking is best. So, to help you get started, this guide explains all the basics and delivers an example of persuasive essay outline. However, in this web blog, we will discuss all the precise details of persuasive essay writing. Keep reading till the end. 

What Is A Persuasive Writing?

Persuasive writing is a form of argumentative writing representing logical arguments with an emotional appeal to sway readers or audiences to a specific viewpoint. Where an argumentative essay introduces both sides of the argument and allows the reader to make an informed decision, a persuasive essay is about including information that supports your thesis statement, only implicating counterarguments as a means to deny them. 

A persuasive essay outline appears as a form of marketing. Advertisements tug on heartstrings to influence people to purchase a service or product. Health magazines publish columns about exclusive must-try diets. Travel brochures convince you where the next popular vacation destination is. Persuasive writing is everywhere, but the writing procedure is not as simple as just sharing an opinion. 

What Are The Techniques That Are Common In Persuasive Essays?

Here are the top four shortlisted methods that are commonly used as an example of persuasive essay outline. 

1. Repetition

Repeating, again and again, the same message numerous times makes the reader likely to pay more attention and remember the message later. 

2. Storytelling

Readers are more likely to comprehend the message shared in a story that contextualizes it through a metaphor or anecdote. 

3. Rebuttals

You can expose the opposing point of view by pointing out flaws in its logic, so the only correct position left is the one you are defending. 

4. Call To Action

You can provide your opponent with a purpose by compelling them to take action. However, this method is very popular in advertising.

Tips to write an impressive persuasive essay

Tips To Write an Impressive Persuasive Essay

Numerous writers approach the persuasive essay writing process differently. Still, there are a few common guidelines to follow when working on a persuasive essay outline to connect your audience with your words. Furthermore, here are the impressive steps to write an effective persuasive essay. 

1. Pick A Topic You’re Passionate About

You will put your best foot forward when arguing for something you truly believe in. However, if you have the choice to pick a topic, select the right one that appeals to your own sense of purpose. There will be research to do regardless, but already having a strong statement about your subject matter will make it more effortless. 

2. Know Your Audience

If you aim to persuade readers and gain their agreement, it's crucial to understand your audience first. For an example of persuasive essay outline, if you're composing a compelling letter arguing for removing standardized testing from school systems, your audience will probably be parents. Remember this when preparing your message for your specific demographic.

3. Research Both Sides

To persuade your audience to agree with you, you must also know what you are trying to persuade them to disagree with. Your readers may be completely stuck in their own ways, so knowing both sides of your argument and how to effectively oppose the opposing viewpoint will help you assuage any follow-up questions a reader might have that can cast doubt on your position. 

4. Outline Your Argument

In persuasive essay outline, outlining your entire essay before you get to writing it can help you manage your ideas and thoughts, research work, and lay out your essay structure. Detail all your primary points and pair them with all of the relevant supporting details and evidence from your sources cited. 

5. Write Your Introduction

Every great persuasive essay starts like a captivating story, with its introduction as the opening chapter. It's that initial paragraph where you set the stage, introducing the central idea, giving some background, and enticing the reader to keep going. You can draw them in with a personal tale or intriguing online essay help research. But don't forget the thesis statement. It's like the compass guiding your reader through the essay. It lays out the main point in just a sentence or two, and the rest of your writing builds on that foundation, reinforcing your argument.

6. Include Your Body Paragraphs

This is where your persuasive essay strengthens, backed by data and evidence to support your thesis and address counterarguments. A solid body paragraph has three key parts:

  1. A topic sentence to introduce the main idea.
  2. Supporting sentences to provide evidence.
  3. A closing sentence to tie it all together.

This persuasive essay outline structure maintains clarity and focus. In the body, you'll also tackle opposing views and explain why they're flawed, so be sure credible sources back your claims.

7. Wrap It Up With A Strong Conclusion

A conclusion paragraph is the final piece of writing in a research paper, article, or essay that summarizes the whole work. The conclusion section should restate your thesis, summarize the key supporting points and ideas you talked about throughout the work, and offer your final impression of the central idea. Therefore, it should also include your call to action if you urgently persuade your audience to take action quickly over a specific problem. 

8. Proofread

Always make sure to proofread your essay a few times before submitting or presenting it to your college. Recheck the example of persuasive essay outline, missed words, grammatical errors, or sentence fragments because a few mistakes can impact your credibility in the reader’s eyes. 

What Should You Include In A Persuasive Essay?

An effective persuasive essay includes components known as modes of persuasion. These three elements work together to make a compelling argument.

1. Ethos

Ethos, also known as “ethical reasoning,” is an argument element that allows you to establish your credibility and knowledge. Readers are more likely to rely on someone with credible knowledge, qualified experience or standing within a community. Likewise, as an online assignment helper, ethos in your persuasive writing can help sell your point of view.

2. Pathos

Pathos, also called “passionate reasoning,” is an element that appeals to your reader’s emotions to evoke feelings. Triggering particular emotions can help them connect with you. It also provides a layer of interest to your readers, making your writing more compelling.

3. Logos

Logos, or “logical reasoning,” is a rhetorical appeal to your reader’s logic and rationality. Good persuasive writing outlines a series of reasons for the reader to believe your claim.

Wrapping It Up! 

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