passive voice misuse
May 14, 2024
Author : Vishal

Passive voice misuse is the most common mistake committed by mistake. There you go! We also made the mistake of using passive voice in the very first sentence. The use of passive voice might seem normal to anyone, but it is far less than considerable. The passive voice is generally a second option for many professional writers and storytellers. The writer cannot use passive voice to correctly communicate the idea to the reader. This is what we are going to talk about.

We will be talking about what is a passive voice with an example of passive voice misuse. This will help you get a clear idea of what we are talking about and prevent you from committing the mistake. One thing to make clear before we head into the main topic. Though we have laid the foundation for the misuse of passive voice, the misuse of passive means the usage is happening, but it is done in the wrong way. This is not to say that anyone is barred from using it. The use of passive voice has to be done at the right place and at the right time.

What Is Passive Voice?

Passive voice misuse is not the same as passive voice which is a responsible way to use the structure. A passive voice is a grammatical structure where the subject is not the performer of the action but rather the receiver of that action. This allows the writer to shift the power dynamics in a sentence to allow the different context to be represented. What passive voice does is shift the focus from the person doing the action or the event happening itself to the thing affected by the action.

Misuse Of Passive Voice

Now that you know what a passive voice is, let’s look at an example of passive voice misuse. You will be able to understand the difference between the right usage of passive voice and the misuse of passive voice. Explaining this in simple terms, the passive voice can be used when:

  1. The performer of the action is unknown or unimportant. Example - “The window was broken.”
  2. The focus of the sentence is on the action or the outcome of the actions rather than the performer. Example - “The book was published last year.”
  3. The performer of the action is obvious or implied. Example - “Mistakes were made.”

Passive v/s Active Voice

Since now you learned about passive voice misuse, we will clarify the point about the right usage of passive voice. However, the first basic thing is to understand the basic nature of passive voice and active voice. We will learn what both of these mean and what both of these structures do to a sentence. There is no better way to explain the difference between passive and active without an example.

So, let’s dive right into learning about passive and active voice differences with each appropriate example. If there is confusion about the use of passive voice and active voice, remember to take an online essay help to understand it all better. The academic experts are familiar with these concepts and knowledge, and they will be able to guide you better on this topic. The subject guidance they will provide you with will help you in your assignments and your studies.

Passive Voice

Active Voice

The ball was thrown by John

John threw the ball

The cake was baked by Sarah

Sarah baked the cake

The play was written by Shakespeare

Shakespeare wrote the play

The report will be reviewed by the supervisor

The supervisor will review the report

The research paper was reviewed by the editor

The editor reviewed the research paper

Why Passive Voice Is Less Preferable?

Passive voice misuse results in resistance towards the use of passive voice in sentences. Most writers try to expand their sentences and/or increase their word count. They do that with the use of a passive voice sentence structure. However, this might ruin the quality of their writing piece. The use of passive voice is done (like this), but it is not preferred by the most prolific writers. There are different reasons that passive sentences seem poor in quality work.

  • The overuse of passive voice makes the writing piece sound dull or uninteresting
  • The use of passive voice to hide the performer can be misleading and vague

  • This is especially true in the situations where accountability is important

  • Excessive use of passive voice makes the information seem lengthy and repetitive
  • Misuse of passive voice in the sentences makes it difficult to interpret the relationship between the performer and the action

Get Your Voice Clearly Heard In The Assignment

It makes a difference in how you are going to get your voice heard by the receivers. Just like how a passive voice shifts the focus from the action to the performer of the action or the catapult, are you going to allow yourself to present your views in your assignment passively? The focus of your assignment should be on the use of active voice and presenting your message clearly. This is important because you will be able to improve your writing skills and improve your presentation. The use of passive voice might ruin the whole presentation and reflect on your performance poorly.

Do you think it is all too complex for you to understand? Don’t worry - we know it can be a little difficult for students to get their presentation right. That is why so many students ask us - “can you write my essay for me?” We are obliged to meet the requirements of the students and provide them with the assistance they need. With a dedicated team of experienced professionals, we strive to provide you with the best. Our academic experts will provide you with the right knowledge and guidance so that you can always be ahead of your academic struggles. Are you ready to take a step? This is the right time and the right place, like the use of passive voice. Register now!

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