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December 05, 2022
Author : Kristy

If a teacher asked you to write an essay in your style, you would have a tough time because your writing style might be monotonous or boring. When perfectionism takes over and the academician in you comes to the surface, it is not always possible to get away from that obsessive mindset. But there are certain tricks too that can help you tackle your work with a certain degree of success.

If you're writing a long essay, you might be tempted to use a lot of long words. This is fine if you just try to impress your professor with your smarts. If you are taking an important test and want to show off your vocabulary skills, don't use too many unnecessary words.

What is meant by Verbosity

Before We Begin, Let Us Understand What Verbosity Is

Verbosity is a term for the degree of information in a sentence. It can be measured by the number of words or characters it contains. Verbosity can be measured by looking at how much information there is in each sentence. The more words a sentence contains, the more verbose it is. A more formal term for verbosity is "textuality." Textuality refers to how much information you put into your text. It also applies to how many words you use per sentence, and how many characters per word.

Its also an anti-pattern. A verbosity is a form of code bloat. The more words you use, the more likely it is that someone will have to read your code later and make sense of it. This can be annoying and time-consuming, especially if the code has changed since it was written. That's why this anti-pattern can lead to problems down the line: it means your spending time reading and understanding words instead of writing code that performs its function well.

Tips to Avoid Verbosity

Make use of Active Verbs

It is very important that you make use of active verbs while writing because they help in better understanding by readers and also make your writing more interesting and engaging for them as well. So, make sure that you always use active verbs while writing so that they can easily understand what you are saying without any hassle whatsoever. It is important to use active verbs and the right tense in a sentence.

For example, I am going to write a blog post in the next few days” is better than I have been writing a blog post in the next few days Similarly, if you are talking about yourself and add the word in your sentences then make sure that you always use an active verb as well. The following are some more examples:

  • The boy ran away from home. (He ran)
  • The girl played tennis with her friends. (She played)
  • The boy played cricket at school. (He played)
  • The girl went to the library to study for an exam tomorrow morning. (She went)

Do not write lengthy sentences

A sentence should have one main idea. If you need to include a long sentence in your article, break it up into several sentences or paragraphs. For example, if you want to include a long list of instructions for making a cake, break it up into multiple sentences and add subheadings for each step so that your readers can easily follow along with what you're saying.

When you write, think about your readers and how they will respond to what you have written. You need to make sure that the content of your article is clear and easy for them to understand. If it is not, people will stop reading and move on to another website that has information they can understand quickly and easily.

Do not use unnecessary phrases

Avoid using unnecessary phrases such as it is recommended that..." or it is believed that..." These phrases are generally filler words that do not contribute anything meaningful to your content and can be removed without losing any meaning.

If you find yourself using these phrases frequently, try to rephrase your sentences so that they don't need them. For example, instead of saying it is recommended that you use the proper tools for the job" say "you should use the proper tools for this task."

Do not use Noun forms of verbs

Verbs are not nouns, so don't make them into nouns by using their infinitives (to be, to have) or participles (being), etc. If you're unsure about whether to use the past tense or perfect tense of a verb, ask yourself whether the sentence should be written in the present tense. If so, it doesn't need an infinitive or participle – write the verb in singular form without an article such as "a" or "the".

Make a record of the word count

Even if you're writing for yourself only, it's good practice to keep track of how many times you repeat words in your writing so that you can see where they're coming from and where they're going.

When some people write long essays, they start with a long paragraph at the beginning, then write about four paragraphs, then write about three paragraphs, and so on till the end of the essay or paper. This is called "wordiness," "flowery writing," or even "tumultuous writing." It makes your writing choppy and hard to read because it has too much information in each sentence or paragraph. You can count the number of words in each paragraph from top to bottom or bottom to top and see if there is any repetition of words or sentences that do not need to be repeated for readers to understand them.

Exploring Vocabulary Part: Adjectives

Adjectives that describe nouns help you to describe people, places, and things in your writing. Adjectives can be compared to each other to show how they are alike or different. There are many types of adjectives including descriptive adjectives and comparative adjectives.

Descriptive adjectives are those that tell us more about the noun they describe, for example, big and small, happy and sad, healthy and sick, old and young, long and short, etc. Comparative adjectives compare two items or ideas and give us information about how one thing is different from another thing. Examples of comparative adjectives include best, worse, less good, less bad, etc., which compare two things with each other.

Top 5 Things to Consider to Avoid Verbosity

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