Did you know that the number of microbial species, which was thought to be about a few million by scientists, has now been estimated to be about one trillion? Or did you know that over half a million microbes are harbouring in your mocha Frappuccino? While some of these confer probiotic health benefits and several others cause diseases and illnesses, 99.999% of these trillion species are yet to be discovered. Are you aware of the most toxic substance that exists on our planet? Well, that is a neurotoxin called Botox or Botulinum toxin produced by one such species of bacteria, i.e. Clostridium botulinum. Botox is one of the most lethal substances that are known today and blocks nerve functions leading to muscular and respiratory paralysis. With the stakes for human beings too high, microbiologists are trying to understand the behaviour, ecology, biochemistry, evolution, and physiology of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and all others.

While researching one of the microbiology assignment topics of your choice can be fascinating, writing solutions to the intricate microbiology assignments is not an easy nut to crack. Furthermore, the credible research and the concision that is required in the microbiology answers make it even harder to achieve the finest of grades by the scholars, which renders them to seek professional microbiology homework help. Are you also looking for someone to get the best microbiology homework help in Canada from? Well, here is good news for you. My Assignment Services can provide you with top-notch quality microbiology assignment help in Canada right at your doorstep. So, why wait for the deadline when you can get your assignment done flawlessly with our biology homework help right now? That too with its 500 words written for free, yes you heard it right, order now and get your work served to you on a silver platter.

What Does Microbiology include?

Microbiology is a branch of science that studies microscopic organisms, including viruses, which have genetic material but are not classified as living organisms, and encompasses all the aspects of the microorganisms. Microbiology is further divided into two primary branches, i.e. pure and applied. While the former is the branch wherein organisms are examined in-depth, the latter concerns the application of microorganisms for certain purposes. Furthermore, microbiology is separated by taxonomy, which is a branch that deals with the classification of microorganisms such as bacteriology which concerns the research of methods for producing medicines. The two primary branches of microbiology are further divided into various sub-branches.

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Study Strategies to Excel at Microbiology

Do you need microbiology study help but wish to complete your work on your own? Well, our microbiology assignment experts not only provide homework help but also online mentoring to help you achieve excellent learning outcomes on your own. So, if you struggle to get microbiological concepts solidified into your memory, then here is another surprise! Our microbiology tutors deeply understand that different strategies work for different classes/courses, therefore, in addition to providing online mentoring to scholars, can give you pro-level tips too to ace your microbiology exams and studies. Here are a few of those expert tricks:

  1. Watch the lectures: watch the lecture videos that your lecturer gives you and make notes. However, focus more on listening and understanding rather than writing every bit that your teacher says and try to write only the additional clarifications or additional information that you might need to add to the slides given.
  2. Learn the objectives: Learning objectives are really helpful because a lot of professors use those to create the exam questions, and they can help you to evaluate how much you know about the subject matter. Henceforward, try to answer the learning objectives on your own after going through the lecture videos or the PowerPoint presentation.
  3. Draw out: Any time you feel like you need a visual, draw it out. For example, the glycolysis steps or the citric acid cycle steps, ways of gene transfer in bacteria. Doing so will help you visualize the process, making it easy to be discerned.
  4. Quiz yourself: On the day of the exam, go through the short notes you have made, the homework that you have done, including the questions and the answers, and quiz yourself on the material and re-go over the things you struggled with a day before or while you were studying that topic and you are still iffy on.
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Microbiology Homework Help Samples Just For You

Furthermore, if you are looking for free microbiology assignment help samples in Canada, get them here on our website because we have a section dedicated to resources for your reference. Hence, visit our resource library and get a free sample of a microbiology topic of your choice. However, you can always upload your assignment PDF to get instant expert advice on your assignment task if you can’t find a preferred sample. One such microbiology homework help sample is attached herewith for your reference.

Assignment task

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This task as you can see was based on the illustration of waterborne diseases while listing out the pathogens (microbes) responsible for the same. The scholars were required to choose a waterborne disease-causing microbe, research a case study on the selected disease and prepare a word document of their learning. Our experts chose the disease cholera and prepared the following word file based on a case study by the WHO.

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