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We are in the benevolent process of nourishing the future leaders of tomorrow and do not leave your hands at any step in your academic journey. Have a look at some of our value-added services.

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Free Turnitin Report

We take the issue of plagiarism seriously as we are aware of how big academic misconduct it is in the universities. There are strict guidelines against plagiarism which is why our experts stay away from plagiarism in our work.

21-Step Quality Check

Adhering to our 21-step rigorous quality check process, our assignment makers make it a point to check all the guidelines thoroughly and provide you with high-quality work, as per the mentioned word count, referencing style etc.

Proofreading & Editing

When you are with us, you don’t need to worry about the grammar, punctuation, proper spacing and correct spellings. Our assignment help experts do it for you on their own.

Live One-On-One Sessions

Whatever doubt you have, the time has never been a constraint for us. We hold several live one-on-one sessions with our experts for you, at different times to cater to all your queries instantly.

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Exceptional Online Assignment Help Services That We Have Expertise In

The main struggle that stops students from submitting their work on time is the dearth of time. Unlike, our prolific panel of experts maintain a buffer time at each of the stages to ensure that we are able to deliver the complete order way before the deadline. In this dynamic academic industry, our assignment makers are known to be the pioneers who have mastered the art of providing students with exceptional assignment help at reasonable prices. Here is a list of those services that have been offered by experts since 2010.

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Dissertation Help

We have a large repository of valuable reference assignment solutions that cover a wide range of dissertation topics, in multiple subjects. Our dissertation help writers have provided students with impeccable dissertations to help them secure top-notch grades in their assessments.

Thesis Help

A thesis is considered to be one of the most complicated and perplexing academic tasks for students studying in university. Considering this, we have recruited some world-class assignment help experts to cater to the thesis writing requirements of students. Do you wake up with the thought “Can you do my thesis assignment urgently”? Well, our professional writers are well aware of the nitty-gritties involved in such complex formats of academic writing. We can help students put together expert assignments even at the last minute.

Essay Writing Help

It is a common observation that most students get utterly confused regarding the format that is required to be followed for writing an academic essay. Over the past decade, our online assignment help experts have adhered to the universally accepted and straightforward five-paragraphs format for writing assignments accepted by every university globally.

Case Study Help

Deciphering a technical case study is not a cup of tea for every student. Dealing with all the intricacies, our case study assignment experts have come out with flying colours in this field and become constant support for those of you who find it difficult to mitigate the challenges associated with writing a case study.

Research Proposal Help

Most of the students who have approached us are those who have relied upon us for research proposal help. Our assignment help writers have conducted thorough research on ample topics that have rolled out to students in the last few years. This has helped us in equipping them with reliable academic mentoring sessions to rule out their queries.

Online Exam and Quiz Assistance

In addition to the theoretical assignments that have been received by us, our assignment makers have always been geared up to assist students with their queries on quizzes in different subjects. We have been at our forefront for dealing with complex quizzes for students and aided them with instant answers.

Our Subject Expertise in Online Assignment Help

In Canada, students often strive hard to walk through their assignment blues with ease. However, the number of complicated assignments that are rolled out to them makes this a dream come true for them. Do you find yourselves entangled in this situation? Hire seasoned professionals at My Assignment Services, Canada, to get your hands on the best assignment help. Our experts provide premium quality work for a variety of subjects that are prescribed by universities all across the globe. These include:

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Our management assignment homework help experts furnish you with reliable academic guidance 24*7 at your doorstep. Among a lot of important topics in management, we have catered to each of them. However, among them few are the ones that we have covered over and again for students. The experts specialise in the following management topics.

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  • Inventory management
  • PESTLE analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Agency theory
  • business process integration
  • Total quality management(TQM)
  • Marketing plan
  • Porter’s five forces model
  • Competitor analysis
  • Gantt chart
  • Conflict resolution

Are you facing troubles in coping up with both assignments and your engineering projects? Get in touch with our engineering assignment help experts to get instant answers to all your queries. Worried about your projects? While you can direct your attention to the projects, we can help you with the assignments on:

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  • Application of AC generator
  • Shear force variation
  • Electrotherapy lab
  • Composite beam analysis
  • Lag network
  • Finite element analysis
  • Solid works
  • Yield line analysis
  • Dynamics of a machine

Irrespective of whether you need academic guidance in clinical or non-clinical nursing assignments, our nursing assignment help writers possess PhD degrees from various reputed universities all across the globe. Whichever topic you have, you can always rely upon us. Other than this, we have catered to a large number of assignments on various nursing concepts. This makes us the best pick for seeking guidance on nursing assignment topics such as:

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  • Aged-care nursing
  • Medical imaging
  • Midwifery
  • Paramedic practice
  • Rehabilitation
  • Occupational therapy
  • Surgical nursing
  • Nutrition and dietetics
  • Mental health
  • Neonatal care
  • Acute care public health



Law is a complicated subject that entails a number of assignments under it. Is it getting tedious to decipher the concepts in your law assignments? Facing dilemmas between different types of law and the ethics under them? Are you facing challenges in understanding legislations and acts? Our law assignment writers are all at your disposal with guidance on topics like:

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  • Non-refoulement principle
  • Consumer law
  • Equality before law
  • Breach of duty
  • IRAC
  • Criminology
  • Judicial precedents
  • Conflict resolution
  • Business legal issues

Our assignment help experts have delivered high-quality guidance in Statistics assignments to students worldwide. In addition to this, we have also been proficient in handling other subjects like statistical physics, probability, and many other theorems that are covered under these subjects.

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  • Eviews
  • Data mining
  • Regression analysis
  • Poisson distributions
  • Structural equation modelling
  • Chi-square test
  • Data visualisation
  • Linear programming
  • G-power
  • Monte carlo simulation
  • R-programming
  • Binomial distribution
  • Mathematical statistics
  • Time-series
  • Normal distribution

If you are looking for premium quality work for your accounting assignments, then you have reached the perfect destination. For the last decade, we have been delivering accounting assignment writing service at the doorstep of students in these topics:

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  • Joint costing
  • Healthcare finance
  • Variance analysis
  • Valuation of fixed assets
  • Taxation accounting
  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Analysing profitability
  • Real estate financing
  • Corporate finance
  • Mortgage and broking
  • Analysing profitability



The information technology industry is dynamic in nature which is why there are so many new trends in this subject. Seek help from IT experts if you face problem in these IT assignment topics:

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  • XML Web development
  • Data structures
  • MS project
  • Java
  • Mobile app development
  • Algorithms
  • Networking
  • C++
  • ER diagram
  • Database management
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data mining
  • SAP
  • UML diagram
  • Cloud computing
  • DOT net
  • Python
  • IT security and forensics

In addition to the generic subjects like economics, finance etc, we have also tried our hands over some unconventional courses as well. Our economics assignment help experts have also provided reliable academic guidance on a plethora of topics. Talking of the unconventional topics, some of them include:

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  • Theory of international relations to Anthropological studies
  • Foreign languages
  • Anthropological studies
  • Romanticism
  • International relations theory
  • World history
  • Communication studies
  • Archaeological studies
  • Analysing public policies
  • Local governance
  • Sociological theories
  • Public administration
  • Local governance
  • Religious history
  • Aesthetics
  • Fundamentals of philosophy

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At My Assignment Services, we have a large repository of the most frequently asked questions from students. This will allow you to get instant answers to make your decision in choosing assignment help online. These questions provide a context and a base to provide you with significant information on the kind of services we provide to you.

Yes, high-quality assignment solutions along with their explanations are a part of your order. And along with these, you will also receive a free copy of the Plagrism report to verify that the content is completely devoid of plagiarism. You are also welcome to consult your academic expert for clearing any doubts that you may have regarding your assignment solution.

You can communicate with the professional writer who was allotted to you to help you in writing your assignment to clarify your doubts and concerns about the assignment. We are always available at service for all of our students 24x7.

We are well aware of the dire need for students to make their assignments on shorter deadlines to submit to their university. You do not have to worry about it since we have been providing last minute assignment help to students who are in an urgent need to get help for their assignments.

We have industry experience in providing academic mentoring and help with their assignments for more than a decade. Our teams have a variety of professional writers and academic toppers who know how to help you in writing your assignments. We have different experts from different backgrounds and disciplines who can help you score well in any subject you want to score well in.

Our assignment helpers are well-versed in how different universities in Canada work differently for the students’ academic interests and maintain academic integrity. This is how we have successfully assisted students from different universities in Canada, such as the University of Alberta, the University of British Columbia, McGill University and more.

You just need to enter your information, including your contact details, and provide us with detailed information on how your assignment is supposed to be according to the given guidelines by your instructor, upload your question file and submit. That’s all! We will be right back to you within no time regarding your assignment.

We have made sure that students from all over the world and all walks of life can afford our online assignment writing service in order to score well and have academic success. This is what compels us to keep giving out discounted offers and deals to all our students. Stay updated with all such latest information on deals and offers with our mobile application.

To make it all simpler for the students, we have designed the process of getting started easier. You just need to submit the form by entering your details and requirements for the assignment. Once our team has received your details, they will get back to you with the list of deliverables and the quote. Once you have accepted the quotation, make the payment through our secure getaways. We will assign you to one of our assignment experts once your payment has been received.

When we talk about assignment help, it means that a student is seeking assistance from someone who is familiar with what goes into writing and making an assignment. The kind of help students look for in creating a well-rounded assignment depends on the level of expertise and proficiency they have about the subject and their writing and presentation skills. Even who do not possess such skills or knowledge or who have started out recently in improving their abilities and skills can also take help from the professionals for their assignments and any academic concerns.

Customer Feedback

Check out what our Student community has to say about us.

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#1 Online Assignment Help Canada

Providing Assistance To Students From Past A Decade

The students in Canada are looking forward to getting their academic obligations to be met with the requirements and have to seek assignment help. They have immense responsibility as an academic student, and they have to do their assignments to score well. Many of these students have been juggling other parts of their lives with academic obligations. They are always on the lookout for assistance from experts and have guidance from professionals. These students have much higher expectations from professional services.

This is even more so important for the students who have recently started their graduation program. Since no one has been trained for this, beginning to do all this on your own can be a little tough and challenging. We, as a professional Canada assignment help service providers understand the student’s situation. The process of managing your assignments while making sure you are gaining a valuable inordinate amount of information for your assessment can intimidate you. This is why we at My Assignment Services have streamlined everything for you.

We have been working tirelessly to help students in their academic pursuits and fulfilling their requirements. The kind of vibrancy we have seen in the past decade talking and knowing all the students is too overwhelming. These students come from all walks of life and are simply looking for some kind of assistance. They are looking for robust guidance from an experienced assignment helper service in Canada who knows what it takes to complete their assignments. We know what it takes to complete your assignments, but we also go beyond that.

Place Your Order Today and Secure Top-notch Grades

Getting started with us does not require you to go through a complicated process but simply filling out the form and sending it to us. There are simple steps that you have to follow in order to receive our services. We have made our getting started process a little easier for all the students who are looking for assistance. You just need to give your 5-10 minutes to follow through the simple steps, and voila! You will be associated with our assistance. Here is how you can take our assignment help and get started with us by going through a simple process.

  • Go on the official website and find the form on the top flashing in front of you.
  • Fill in your details, which include your personal details and the required information.
  • Provide us with details of your assignment and the particular requirements.
  • Submit the form and allow our team to get back to you with your details.
  • Our team will communicate with you regarding your requirements.
  • You will be informed about the deliverables with the quote depending on the complexity of your assignment and the requirements.
  • Once you have accepted the terms, you will be required to initiate the payment process.
  • Once we have received your payment, we will get in touch with one of our essay, writers who will help you with your assignment.
  • This will kickstart your process of getting started with us and our mentor for your assignment.

Complex Assignments Made Easier With Our Reliable Assignment Help Services!

Here’s an intriguing stat for all you progressive scholars. Only 73% of the student population in Canada end up submitting their homework assignments on time; a few of them drag it to even nine long years, as stated by University Affairs, Canada. Do you wish to be called that scholar? With the help of our assignment writing service, you can.

Our mission is to provide students with value-addition inputs that will help them in achieving their academic requirements and have success. Having successfully completed their assignments is not just the target, but learning what these assignments are talking about. We are not only focused on providing you with help on specific assignments through our online assignment makers but to provide you with learning opportunities. These opportunities allow you to build a career path for yourself and pave the way for a brighter future.

There are different reasons and expectations that students have to deal with while juggling frequent academic challenges. Students have to navigate through a lot of obstacles and challenges in order to obtain good grades, which is something our academic mentors providing the assignment help understand. Here are some of the challenges we know students face:

Poor Time Management

Students have to balance their assignments with other obligations such as part-time jobs, family responsibilities or something else. This makes the task of creating their own schedule for the assignments difficult. Due to an imbalance between their academic and personal life, students find it difficult to manage their time properly for assignments.

Struggle in Understanding Requirements

Most common reason for the students to have challenge in completing assignments and seek help with assignments online is unclarity about the requirements of the assignment. Most of the students often run into the challenge of understanding the requirements in terms of the topic itself. It can be a struggle with understanding the topic and the complexities of the concepts and/or particular specifications of the assignment.

Lack of Proper Research Skills

Having proper research skills means you are able to find credible sources, conduct thorough research, and retrieve relevant information related to the topic of the assignment. Most often, students are incapable of applying the right strategies to find information from credible sources. Services eliminate this with their online library.

Lack of Writing Knowledge

Having a knowledge of the ways you can write your assignments and create a well-crafted presentation is the essential requirement for any student to complete their assignments. However, our essay writers claims that some students do not possess the knowledge to write smartly and effectively, creating a well-presented assignment, allowing them to score good grades.

Prone To Procrastination

This is the most common reason students find themselves in challenging situations to write and complete their assignments on time. Procrastination leads students to delay their assignments and they have to rush their work on the very last minute. This leads them to create a low-quality assignment and it impacts on their academic performance.

Fear of Plagiarism

If the students rush to complete their assignments, it is highly likely that they will use the information to put in their assignments from a source. This falls under the violation of academic integrity and plagiarism, which hugely and negatively affects their academic performance. According to the mentors of assignment help, knowing how to avoid plagiarism in assignments is not very familiar to students, and they commit plagiarism without knowing.

The Bug of Perfectionism

Some students who are perfectionists in their work spend a lot of time in refining their work and writing. While it is a good practice to implement in their assignments, many students lack the knowledge of how to do it. Striving for perfection can also lead students to develop stress and anxiety, especially if there is no service.

Overcoming the Language Barriers

For the students who do not speak the language of the primary method to be shown in the assignment, it creates a hindrance for them to write the assignment. Writing a second language, that they are not aware of and familiar with, having no online assignment helper can lead such students to commit grammatical errors, input wrong vocabulary, and have poor sentence formation.

Running Into Frequent Technical Issues

Most of us rely on our technologies when it comes to performing any task, and most often than not, assignments are a part of the digital world too. However, students can face issues with a software, electronic device (mobile phone or desktop), internet connection or anything else. This leads to a disruption in the workflow of their assignments and can cause frustration among the students.

Dealing with a Lack of Motivation

Some students might struggle with some of these challenges, and some might be facing more challenges. Due to this overwhelming sense of dissatisfaction and disappointment overtaking your mind, the motivation of many students lower. According to our assignment experts, when it comes to completing assignments, it is important to have the motivation to keep going with dedication and commitment till the submission.

Why Is My Assignment Services the Right Choice for Students?

You must be wondering, only because we know what kind of challenges each student faces in writing and completing assignments, how does it help you? How can you be sure that having assistance with assignments is relevant? Let us answer your questions using some hard-finding and understood factors. We are a Canadian assignment help provider to students who are in need of help with their assignments. In all these years working with the students, we have understood the kind of challenges students face. We are always working towards the main requirements of your assignment in order to complete these assignments. Our input and guidance to you always make sure that you are always ahead of the competition among your peers. Look at the ways we have been helping students to tackle these aforementioned challenges:

Helping Managing The Time

Our assignment helper Canada makes sure that your assignments are completed on time by helping you in time management. Whether you are working as a part-time employee or going through a tough phase of committing yourself to personal obligations, our mentors will ensure that your assignment are completed on time.

Providing Clarity of the Assignments

Our mentors provide the students with clarity on the requirements of the assignment and even the concepts related to the topic. Students get to learn about their subject in a more comprehensive way through the expertise of our mentors. This provides students with an upper-hand when writing their assignments.

Assistance In Quality Research

Our assignment writing service Canada will give you access to the various forms of information related to your assignment’s topic. We have a digital library and resources that students can access anytime they want to at their convenience. This will enable the input of a reliable and credible source of information in your assignments.

Expert Writing Feedback

We have a team of professional writers who know how to write assignments on different subjects. Our academic writers have experience in writing assignments as per the requirements of the instructor. These writers ensure that the writing in your assignment is coherent, well-structured and meets the academic requirements.

Timely Completion of the Assignments

Even if you procrastinate a lot about your assignments, our mentors giving you help with assignments will make sure that you are able to complete your assignments within the deadline. The assistance of these mentors will offer you stability and consistency in writing and creation of the assignment.

Assurance of The Plagiarism-Free Work

We utilize technology to make sure that there is no source of plagiarism in your assignments. Our academic mentors make sure that there is no plagiarism by using the plagiarism detection software. Our team of writers thoroughly review the assignment and provide you with feedback to avoid plagiarism. This includes suggestions on how to include proper citations and references to avoid plagiarism.

Provision To Customize The Task

Just in case you ever need to make any certain changes to your assignment, our last minute assignment help is always there for you! You just need to address any kind of specific changes and requirements of what you want in the assignment. Our mentors will provide you with feedback on how to improve the assignment and the implementation of the changes.

Support In Terms of Language

Having a diverse base of professionals allows us to provide non-native speakers with assistance in creating assignments in the language they do not grasp. We can also provide you with assistance and feedback on writing assignments as per the language requirements.

Support In Technical Assistance

We have experienced professionals who are knowledgeable in the area of technical assistance. These professionals can always offer you assignment help for any kind of technical assistance you may need to complete your assignments. Not only will you be able to solve the issue but also eliminate the chances of running into the error again.

Encouragement and Guidance

Our services and mentors aim to boost the motivation of our students and provide them with academic values they need to achieve their academic goals. Our academic mentors give you the guidance and support you need in order to achieve your long-term objectives and pave the way for professional development.

You Won’t Find a Better Assignment Writing Service in Canada Anywhere Else

We have provided you with elaborate information on how you can have an upper hand in tackling the challenges while writing and completing your assignments. Our assignment writing service Canada will help you in having a successful submission of the assignment and score good grades. However, we know that many students can go through a train of thought related to the ingenuity of our services. You must think, why only My Assignment Services? How can we be the right choice for students in their assignments when we are just another assistance provider in the market?

We might be a needle in a wide area of haystack, but this needle is maintained and sharply pointed enough to pierce through the target you are aiming to achieve. We have a variety of value-added benefits that you gain when you opt for our assignment help. Here are some of the value-added services you will receive when you sign up:

  • A 21-step quality check ensures that your assignment is ready for the final submission
  • Automated form of communication for the students’ assignments through the online platform
  • A particular subject expert is allotted to you who dedicatedly assists you in a particular subject’s assignment
  • We maintain the confidentiality of our students, and the agreements signed between both of us
  • You can always take the revisions of the assignments from our academic mentors

Our platform is the one-point solution to have the assignment for help in your academic goals. Our professionals are rigorously trained to provide you with how-to instructions on using our platform, solely dedicated to managing your assignments. This platform ensures that your assignments are handled, organized and managed with a logical sequence and timeline. You can always track your progress and make sure that your assignments get done on time with quality input.

Assignment Writing Help In Just A Single Click!

You do not have to procrastinate about having our assistance in completing your assignments and having professional assignment help. We have an expertise of over a decade in providing academic mentoring to students. There are all sorts of students from different backgrounds and disciplines who take our assistance and find effective solutions. Our academic mentors ensure that you have a successful submission of the assignments and score good grades.

Our main objective is to provide you with valuable insights into improving your academic performance. We do this by providing you with guidance and knowledge. The conduct of the provision of our services to you adheres to the academic standards and maintains academic integrity. This allows us to offer you our assistance without compromising your academic integrity provided by the university. You can always be assured that your academic success is in the right hands.

Just get started with our best assignment writing service by filling out the form and submitting it to us. Fill in your details and provide us with the particulars and requirements of your academic institution for the assignment. Once we receive your information, we will provide you with the set of deliverables and a quote, depending on your requirements. When you have completed the payment process, you will receive an acknowledgement. Then kickstarting the first process, we will have you meet our academic mentor. The mentor will assist you through the process and ensure your academic success is delivered right to your doorstep!

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