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Have you ever wondered how the simplest bacterial species eventually evolved into our species? Or how this evolution accompanied by the differences in body organizations? Or how do our bodies cope with the outside environmental conditions? Well, biology has got the answers to all such intriguing questions, including the origin and working mechanisms of our bodies, that is why they say that “biology is the science, and evolution is what makes it unique.”

There is another popular saying that goes, "Great things never come from comfort zones." Well, writing a flawless biology assignment solution sure takes one to step out of one's comfort zone, regardless of the specialization. So, are you too stuck on your biology homework and looking for someone to provide you with reliable biology homework help in Canada? We understand that even though biology is a fascinating subject, a separate discipline, every biological branch brings along its intricacies, considering which the intricate part is often observed to have an overshadowing effect over the fascinating part. This is what usually renders scholars pursuing degrees in the biological field as majors seek biology homework help.

Furthermore, all biological phenomena are intertwined and have to be thought about in an interconnected way, however, students studying biology tend to merely memorize the theoretical part rather than in-depth discerning and learning between and across different concepts in an interrelated way. This lack of comprehension is the primary factor hindering candidates from being able to perform well in their assignments, which require a practical approach to be done correctly. Henceforward, simply memorizing the theory won’t lead anyone to fetch the finest grades that they dream of getting. Thus, for that, one will have to ask professionals for their science homework help.

Do you also fall in the category of scholars equating cramming concepts to learning and, at the same time, wanting to pass their subjects with flying colours? If yes, then congratulations on landing on a platform that can help you know all the approaches you need to excel with our superlative quality biology assignment help in Canada.

What is Biology?

Mastering the skills for writing immaculate biology assignment solutions demands the doer to first deeply understand the subject as a whole and the related topic. So, do you know what biology is? Well, let’s understand that first. Biology, a science also referred to as Life sciences, etymologically means "the study of life," and as a discipline, deals collectively with all the aspects of living organisms and their life. Starting from life's fundamental unit, i.e. a cell, to the formation of a whole new organism, both by means of sexual and asexual reproduction, along with the process of evolution of organisms from a unicellular bacterium to the most complex organisms, i.e., the human beings, are covered under biology.

Sub Domains of Biology


Anatomy is the study of the structural organization of different living organisms. Students who study anatomy study how the structure of the body is made and how it works. Our anatomy assignment helpers have a great understanding of the structure of organisms. They have mastered the five bases of anatomy: head, neck, torso, upper extremities, and lower extremities.


The Scientific study of plants is known as botany. This is a major subject os student who wants to become plant scientists or phytologist. We have top phytologists from across the world to provide help with botany assignments to students, to make sure students achieve their desired grades.


The Studies of evolution or evolutionary biology is the sub-domain of biology that studies the process of evolution of different species. Evolutionary biologists study the biological diversity and structure of organisms at every level. This subject may be complex to understand, and hence, We have a team of the best evolutionary biologists to provide the best evolution assignment help. 


It is the domain of biology that studies the immune system of living organisms. It is a very important branch of medical science and biology. As our immune system protects us from every virus and infection, this is a very detailed and deep study, due to which students find this subject very difficult and hire our immunologist for immunology assignment help so that they can help to clarify concepts.


The Study of micro-living organisms which cannot be seen by our naked eyes is called Microbiology. People who study microbiology are known as microbiologists. This study helps in fighting diseases, infections and preservation of the environment. As it includes the study of numerous micro-organisms it makes the subject more complex and versatile due to which students often face struggles doing the homework and seek microbiology homework help from our experts. 

Molecular Biology

This branch of Biology studies the molecular basis of living organisms for eg. the chemical structure of DNA molecules. The Study of Molecular biology helps in identifying diseases, inventing new drugs and building a better understanding of cell physiology. Learning these complex chemical structures can be hard for many students and this is how our molecular biology assignment help play the role of saviour for our students. Our academic writers have been working on solving molecular biology assignments for a long time which helps students score good grades and get a better understanding of the subject.


This brand of biology studies the structure, formation and relationships of constituent parts of living organisms. This is one of the most versatile branches of biology and hence requires very deep knowledge and understanding. sometimes students confuse the concepts of phytomorphology and morphology which are totally different from each other. Hence our team of biologists helps students understand the difference and score in their assignment with our Morphology assignment help. 


Physiology studies the chemistry and physics behind how the human body works and basic body functions. This study helps physiologists make decisions regarding the fitness plans of individuals. some students often get confused between physiology and anatomy and struggle with  their assignments and homework. Our physiologist's experts give students a better understanding of Physiology in their live sessions whenever any students seek our physiology assignment help.  Our experts write your physiology assignments with a great understanding of how our human body functions. 


This branch of biology studies physiology, anatomy, morphology, immunology, evaluation etc of animals both living and extinct animals. This study helps zoologists understand the world of animals and how we can conserve the animals on the line of extension. Students pursuing bachelor's degrees in biology study zoology. As this is a versatile subject with many branches within students get confused with the concepts of zoology with other domains of biology thus, seek our zoology assignment help to clarify their academic concepts and achieve the academic goals they desire. 

The fact that makes biology both intriguing and troublesome is that all these sub-domains are interlinked, which also makes the biology assignments complicated and gruesome for the scholars to complete on their own and render them asking others for biology homework help. If you are also looking for biology assignment help in Canada, look nowhere beyond My Assignment Services, because we have panaceas for all your biological predicaments. Therefore, whatever it is that you need homework help with, tell us as we are here to help. Whether you have to write an essay, a report, a case study or make a video presentation, or even your thesis writing, My Assignment Services will provide you with impeccable assignment help worthy of the A-grade you have always desired your assignments to fetch for you. Our erudite biology experts can help you with your online exams and quizzes as well.

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Biology Assignment Topics Encountered By Our Biology Experts

The expert writers at My Assignment Services encounter all sorts of biology assignments on all topics including the following:

  • Ageing

  • Apoptosis

  • Biological theories such as

  • cell theory

  • evolution theories

  • gene theory

  • homeostasis

  • Health and biological rhythm

  • Metabolism

  • Morphology

  • Osmosis

  • Physiology and anatomy of different organisms

  • Reproduction

Although a wide array of assignment types can be given on a vast spectrum of biology topics, certain aspects remain the same regardless of the kind of assignment and its topic. These include the credibility of the research that has to be conducted and the clarity and concision with which the content has to be written. Moreover, the written content must be original to follow the academic integrity, and the information flow should be clear enough for the reader to interpret it correctly, while all of it must comply with the style as mentioned in the university's guidelines and the marking rubrics.

My Assignment Services’ Biology Homework Help

If you find the writing or even researching the part uninteresting, do not worry as we have got your back now. Seek our biology assignment help in Canada and see how smooth the transition will be! Our experts are well versed with the writing style and the crucial role of academic integrity and scholarly conduct, which is why all the work they do is appropriately referenced, edited and formatted per the assessment criteria and written flawlessly by the marking rubrics you provide.

Below is a biology homework help sample furnished to a scholar just like you, wherein there were some questions, each of which was from a separate biology topic, including immunology, neurology, homeostasis and the human ABO blood group system, all of which were perfectly answered by our biology writers to help the scholar fetch the A-grade, have a look!

biology homework help

biology homework


biology homework help Canada

Visit the dedicated resource section of our website to fetch plenty of such biology samples for your reference, that too for free.

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