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Crucial Organic Chemistry Assignment Topics Covered by Our Assignment Writing Experts in Canada

Organic chemistry is one of the crucial branches of chemistry that covers the study of natural and organic materials and it is also the study of carbon particles. It deals with an array of chemical reactions, structures, and properties of carbon-based compounds. It studies the properties of organic chemical reactions such as carbon and hydrogen. If you wish to write impressive organic chemistry assignments then you must understand the important topics associated with the subject. You are also free to ask for our chemistry coursework writing help in Canada.


Alkanes are also known as acyclic saturated hydrocarbons composed of carbon and hydrogen atoms with single carbon bonds in a tree-like structure. The general formula of alkanes is CnH2n+2 and they are the least reactive compounds in the hydrocarbon family.


Benzene is the most crucial organic compound in organic chemistry and contains six carbon atoms joined together along with a hydrogen atom. It is the most simple and aromatic hydrocarbon and is mainly used for the production of polystyrene. It comes with a chemical formula C6H6.


Amines are another organic compound that contains nitrogen atoms with a sole pair. They are the derivatives of ammonia and can be primary, secondary, and tertiary depending upon the associated carbon-containing groups.

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Phosphines are compounds that feature the chemical formula PH3. It is toxic, flammable, and colorless. It belongs to the group of organophosphorus compounds and has a structural similarity with ammonia (NH3). However, phosphines are a better solvent and less soluble in water.

Organic reactions

The organic reaction is one of the most important topics covered in your assignments and they are the fundamental organic reactions like photochemical reactions, addition reactions, and more.


Nomenclature is all about naming different organic compounds following the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). It helps in overcoming the long and tedious names of the organic compounds and it follows a set of logical rules and a structural formula.

Intermolecular Forces

Intermolecular forces are the forces that facilitate the interactions between different molecules. Such interaction includes the forces of both attraction and repulsion between the molecules and atoms.

Online Organic Chemistry Assignment Help

Categorization of Organic Compounds Described in Our online Organic Chemistry Assignment Help

Organic compounds can be categorized based on their composition as

Acyclic or Open Chain Compounds

Acyclic organic compounds are also known as aliphatic compounds and they feature straight or branched chain compounds.

Alicyclic or Closed Chain Compounds

Alicyclic or aliphatic cyclic compounds feature carbon atoms joined in a ring form. In many cases instead of atoms, carbons are also present in the ring known as heterocyclic.

Aromatic Compounds

Aromatic compounds are the specialized organic compounds that include benzene and others that come under the benzenoid or ring compound category. Such compounds feature hetero atoms in their ring and they are also known as heterocyclic aromatic compounds.

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FAQs on Organic Chemistry

What Are Isomerism and Its Types?

Isomerism is the occurrence of two or more compounds that have similar molecular formulas but diverse properties. The compounds that belong to this category are known as isomers for example ethylbenzene and p-xylene with the same formula C8H10. The types of isomerism include structural isomerism, chain isomerism, and position isomerism. Structural isomerism is all about the compounds that have similar molecular formulas but different structures for example butane and isobutane.

In chain isomerism, the compounds have a related molecular formula but dissimilar carbon elements. Compounds like methyl butane or isopentane come under chain isomerism. Last but not least position isomerism is all about the compounds with similar molecular formulas but a difference in the position of substituent atoms. An example of position isomerism is bromobenzene with molecular formula C6H4Br2

In Which Field Organic Chemistry Is Used?

Organic chemistry is applied in many scientific fields around us where researchers wish to identify new chemical compounds and access their properties. Organic chemistry is instrumental in medical chemistry, biochemistry, polymer chemistry, and biotechnology. The students pursuing organic chemistry as a major must-have intensive knowledge on the subjects as it is widely used in the sectors like drug manufacturing, petrochemicals, food additives, and pesticides.

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