You may recall chemistry as a junior school or a middle school subject. However, as part of advanced studies, it can be a tough nut to crack. With numerous chemical formulas, equations, reactions, and organic and inorganic division, it becomes very tough to frame the assignments of Chemistry. Fortunately, to help the students in submitting the piles of assignments in time, My Assignment Service is here with its Chemistry Writing Help.

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The branches of Chemistry for which our experts have delivered writing help

Analytical Chemistry

The study of quantification, separation, and identification of matter with the use of instruments is done in analytical chemistry. The three processes of identification, quantification, and separation in practicality can be altogether a method of analysis or be combined with other methods. The isolation of analytes is done by separation and the identification of analytes is done by the qualitative analysis along with the determination of numerical composition by the quantitative analysis.

Polymer Chemistry

Polymer chemistry is the study of polymers which are macromolecules or large molecules which are formed with the combination of multiple units. And, polymers can be found all around you be it the DNA strand which is a bipolymer that exists naturally, or the propylene which is widely used all across the globe as plastic. Polymers can be both naturally occurring and man-made. The constituent elements which are monomers form a polymer chain which is the 3D network by reacting and this process of polymer formation is called polymerization.

Physical Chemistry

The transformations and interactions of materials are dealt with by physical chemistry. It utilizes the laws of physics that govern the underlying chemical processes which are to explain and correlate the quantification of materials. Quantum mechanics has made a lot of things and aspects clear for physical chemistry and chemical thermodynamics is about the relationship between various forms of chemical energy and heat and also the rate of chemical reactions with kinetics.


The chemical processes happening within living organisms are explored and studied under a branch of chemistry called biochemistry. It is the amalgamation of biology and chemistry and is a laboratory-based science. Biochemists use techniques and knowledge of chemistry to study and resolve biological problems. All the processes that happen at the molecular level are studied under biochemistry. With the study of components like lipids, proteins, and organelles, biochemists can study the happenings inside the cells. Also, the communication between the cells which happens during the process of growth or while fighting an illness is studied in biochemistry. There are several staggering advancements made in the field of biochemistry over the past 100 years. Hence, students are inclined toward this fascinating discipline of chemistry.

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Some frequently asked questions about Chemistry

How do you define chemistry?

The dealing of composition, structure, and properties of the substances is done by the science called Chemistry, including the transformations that the substances go through and the release of energies that happens during these processes.

What is the importance of Chemistry?

The importance of chemistry is prevalent because everything that happens in your daily life is somehow related to chemistry and your body is also composed of chemicals. Even when you are reading, breathing, or eating, a chemical reaction happens. Every medication is made up of chemistry and thus the importance of chemistry is quite high.

Why is chemistry related to science?

Chemistry is defined as the science that deals with the study of structure, composition, and properties of matter, and matter in this world is anything that has some mass or something that takes up space. Chemistry is at times known as ‘the central science because it acts like a bridge between other natural sciences and physics.

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