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Animal Biology

An Overview on Animal Biology

Animals are one of the significant elements in our society, culture and even in the economy. They are also of crucial economic resources and vital to the complex natural system. On the other hand, animal biology is the study of all the biological aspects applicable to those animals. Animal biology also connects key aspects like the general biological sciences and animal husbandry. Students pursuing animal biology courses attain extensive theoretical skills and knowledge to work with domestic and wild animals and access their functionalities in practical situations. You can avail a better understanding of such aspects by availing our animal biology assignment help.

Animal biology studies both invertebrate and vertebrate animals and explore their functionalities, physiology, ecology, cell biology, morphogenesis, genetics and even diversity. It also provides a comprehensive view of their relationships with other levels of biology.

People automatically assume that Animal Biology is to do with animals, but it is from the Latinanimalismeaning "with breath" and therefore any multi-celled organism that breathes. Zoology is exclusive to the study of creatures (including humans) that are found in any of the classified "kingdoms".

Animal biology can range from studying the intimate and intricate anatomical details that are characteristic species of animals to their behaviour, habitats, intra/inter-relationships, and the more general classification of each member in the animal kingdom. Zoology covers pretty much the same ground, so animal biology and zoology can be used interchangeably for all practical purposes.

Classification According to Animal Biology

According to Whittaker Classification, all animals come under the Eukaryotic Kingdom, and they are further divided into Protista and Metazoan. All animals out there are either unicellular or multicellular.

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These are the organisms with holes all over the body along with a canal system for better water circulation, food and oxygen. They feature solid support and feature a hard outside layer as protection. They are commonly known as sponges, and common examples of Porifera are sycon and Euplectelea.


The animals living in water and feature different body designs are the coelenterate. They are made of two layers of cells, one on the outside of the body and the other on the inner lining. Common examples of Coelenterata are jellyfish and sea anemone.


Vertebrata is a species that has an actual vertebral column and internal skeleton for effective movement. Vertebrates are bilaterally symmetrical, and coelomic and feature complex body tissues and organs. The vertebrates are categorized into Pisces, Amphibia, Reptilia and Mammalia. All vertebrates are triploblastic and also feature a notochord and dorsal nerve cord.

nomenclature of animals

FAQs on Animal Biology

What are the differences between Zoology and Animal Biology?

Zoology deals with the study of the animal kingdom, and it comes under natural sciences. On the contrary, animal biology focuses on animal physiology, genetics, scientific breeding, and caring for livestock. Animal biology belongs to agriculture instead of natural sciences. Animal biology is the more advanced level of study comparing Zoology.

Explain Amphibia and Mammalia?

Amphibians are somehow different from fish as they don't have scales and feature mucus glands in their skin. They usually respire through gills or lungs, lay eggs, and mostly reside in water and land. On the contrary, the mammalians are warm-blooded animals and feature a four-chambered heart. They give birth to their offspring, unlike amphibians who lay eggs for reproduction.

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Animal Biology Assignment Sample

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Animal Biology Assignment help

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