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Evolution is one of the most debatable subjects for scientists and there are a lot of different theories of evolution that are available. But before that what exactly is evolution?

Speaking in scientific terms, evolution simply means the change in the genetic codes of the species through mutation or natural selection. Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is one of the most popular theories of evolution that a large part of the scientific community agrees with. Darwinism completely changed biology so radically. According to this theory, every species evolved through the process of natural selection.

Did you know? Charles Darwin waited for more than 20 years before publishing his theory of evolution, as he wanted to be sure of the evidence. Not only Darwin but Alfred Russel Wallace also came up with the same conclusion as Darwin that evolution happened due to the natural selection of the species.

In 1859, a year later when Alfred and Darwin agreed to present a common letter to the scientific community, Darwin published his book “On the Origin of Species” which changed everything.

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Lamark Vs Darwin Theory of Evolution

Until the 19th century, the whole community of scientists was confused regarding what caused the evolution of the species. According to Jean Baptiste Lamark’s theory of evolution, species that struggle with different tasks throughout their lives will eventually pass on the advanced trait to their offspring. For example, Giraffe’s long neck is due to the struggle for food. The persistent struggle to reach food higher than the ground resulted in the animal’s long neck.

After two years of Lamark’s death, young Darwin found his theory when he left on the voyage to find out the main reason behind evolution. Darwin found out that Lamark’s theory of evolution is nowhere close to the real theory of evolution as he found out that evolution happened because of natural selection.

Those who do not adapt to the environment would be left behind and nature will naturally select the two individual species and this is how evolution happened.

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To Understand the Theory of Natural Selection

evolutionary biology homework help


According to Darwin, every individual possesses different characteristics and that is why their colour, body structure, eye colour, etc. may appear different.

Inherited Traits

To understand this let’s have a look at the example. A moth that is different in colour from its environment is more likely to be eaten by the birds than a moth with a similar colour to its environment. The moth that survived the environment then transfers the same trait to its offspring so on and so forth until that trait would become the bare minimum criteria for the specie.

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According to this, one day the population would grow beyond what the local environment could hold that would resulting in sudden mortality.

The Difference in Survival and Reproduction

When a species would not adapt to the environment then nature will automatically pick up the best pairs with phenomenal traits, later on, these pairs’ offspring would have those superior traits to their own predecessors. The process is most commonly known as the natural selection of species.

The theory is looking simple but in reality, there are many complex sub-theories interlinked with these theories and this is the reason students need professional guidance with their evolution assignment help.

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