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Practical Nursing Perspective on Toddler Care

From my perspective as a practical nurse, caring approaches that would reflect my knowledge of the toddler's growth and development would include

  • Giving ventolin by the face mask at 10-15 minute intervals to control the child's breathing. The most effective ways to manage asthma may include giving Ventolin by face mask at intervals of 10-15 minutes as stated by Brown et al., 2021. But ventolin overuse during such brief intervals may result in overmedication and unfavourable outcomes. Instead, it's crucial to follow the healthcare provider's instructions on dosage and timing. With this strategy, Lisa will always obtain the right medication while avoiding unnecessary dangers.
  • Talking to Lisa’s parents about ventolin, telling them how to use the inhaler (nebulizer), and showing them how to use the machine. It is essential to discuss Ventolin with Lisa's parents and show them how to use the nebulizer in order to ensure proper medicine administration at home as mentioned by Berta et al., 2019. Clear directions, including dosage and frequency, provide parents the confidence they need to effectively manage Lisa's asthma. Her effective treatment will be aided by demonstrating how to operate the nebulizer machine, going over the assembling procedure, and stressing the significance of utilising it properly (Mcgilton et al., 2020).
  • Letting Lisa use the puffy purple inhaler when it suits her. Allowing Lisa to use the puffy purple inhaler when it's convenient shows that she is beginning to feel independent. It's crucial to note that the kind of inhaler (puffer) listed here might not be appropriate for a toddler's age and degree of coordination as mentioned by Pesut et al., 2020. Toddlers frequently lack the motor skills necessary for proficient inhaler use. It may be more acceptable to use a nebulizer with a mask since it guarantees precise and reliable medicine delivery.
  • Doing the same as her big sister. Lisa's behaviour may be favourably affected by being given the opportunity to see her big sister's conduct, which may also help Lisa feel more at ease throughout medical procedures as discussed by Gillespie et al., 2019. However, it's vital to make sure that Lisa's big sister's actions are suitable for her age and condition. For instance, Lisa might not be able to use a puffer if her older sister is using one for her asthma. For Lisa's general wellbeing, the strategy must be tailored to her particular requirements and developmental stage.

Holistic and Age-Appropriate Therapeutic Approaches

This toddler with asthma will benefit from therapeutic approaches that take a holistic, age- and condition-appropriate approach to healing.

  • First and foremost, it is crucial to ensure effective drug management. Nebulizing prescribed drugs, including Ventolin, at the right dosage and frequency helps effectively manage asthma triggers and treat acute symptoms (Stall et al., 2020).
  • Moreover, empowering the toddler to take part in her therapy while fostering increased lung function can be achieved by providing mild, age-appropriate breathing exercises(Song et al., 2020). Her respiratory comfort is improved by establishing an asthma-friendly atmosphere by teaching her family about potential triggers such allergies, smoke, and pollution.
  • Also, promoting a routine that includes healthy eating, appropriate hydration, and adequate sleep improves general health and immunological function, which is crucial for treating chronic diseases.
  • Within the limitations of her condition, encouraging play-based physical activities helps motor development and strengthens her respiratory muscles (Singh et al., 2021).
  • In the end, various treatment approaches combine to manage her acute symptoms while also enhancing her quality of life and advancing holistic healing.

Nursing Responsibilities in Ventolin Administration

When giving Ventolin via inhalation, the nurse's duties include a thorough and exact method to guarantee the child's safety and the best possible therapeutic results.

  • Prior to administration, a complete evaluation of the toddler's respiratory state, including vital signs and lung sounds, must be done as mentioned by Brown et al., 2021. To prevent under- or over-medication, the Ventolin dosage must be precisely calculated based on the doctor's prescription and the child's weight.
  • According to Berta et al., 2019, the nurse's responsibility also includes instructing the child's parents or other carers on how to use the nebulizer and the inhalation technique correctly, including how to assemble the equipment properly and how long the treatment should last. To keep an eye out for any negative reactions or adjustments in the child's condition, careful observation is necessary throughout the administration process.
  • For accurate record-keeping and care continuity, it is essential to document the dosage that was given, the child's reaction, and any changes or adverse events that were noticed(Singh et al., 2021). The nurse should put emphasis on preserving a calming and reassuring atmosphere throughout the procedure, utilising kid-friendly language and interactions to reduce any potential fear.
  • Nursing responsibility includes regular communication with the medical staff about the child's development, response to therapy, and any concerns. Nurses play a critical part in ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of Ventolin inhalation treatment for the management of the toddler's asthma by rigorously upholding these obligations as discussed by Mcgilton et al., 2020.

Parent Education and Asthma Management

When a kid has asthma, parent education is crucial in ensuring that carers have the knowledge and abilities needed to effectively manage the illness and protect the child's wellbeing.

  • First off, by educating parents about the basics of asthma, such as its causes and symptoms, they can see warning signals of an imminent attack and act quickly (Pesut et al., 2019). For the child to receive the prescribed treatment as intended, it is essential to teach parents how to administer medications like Ventolin and how to use equipment like nebulizers and inhalers.
  • Potential triggers can be greatly reduced by offering advice on how to create an asthma-friendly home environment by decreasing allergens and irritants such dust, pollen, and tobacco smoke (Gillespie et al., 2019). Parents are more equipped to respond to emergencies, including when and how to administer rescue drugs and when to seek medical help, when they develop a personalised asthma action plan.
  • Additionally, providing parents with communication tools to discuss asthma with their children encourages understanding and adherence to therapy as stated by Singh et al., 2021. The collaborative character of asthma management is emphasized by highlighting the significance of routine medical exams and maintaining open lines of contact with medical experts.
  • By giving parents thorough knowledge, nurses enable them to actively manage their child's asthma, fostering a higher quality of life and reducing the condition's negative effects on everyday activities.


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