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Animal Biotechnology Assignment Help

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Animal Biotechnology Assignment Help Canada

Medical Biotechnology

For the improvement of human health, the development of technologies with the use of living organisms s done in medical biotechnology and it uses a certain tool to enhance the human health aspects with the advancement of technology. Also, it includes the study of DNA which is further used to determine the reasons behind genetic disorders along with ways to cure them. The essentials for human health are vaccines which have been developed with the help of biotechnology. Multiple plants have been engineered by medical biotechnology for the production of antibodies.

Agriculture Biotechnology

A gene of interest is introduced in the genetically modified plants whose development is studied in agriculture biotechnology which in turn helps in increasing the yield of crops. For instance, the genes from Bacillus Thuringiensis in the Bt-cotton and Bt-brinjal plants have been genetically modified to be pest-resistant. The species of animals that have desirable characteristics are bred together to produce offspring that have certain desired traits.

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Applications Of Biotechnology

Animal Biotechnology Assignment Help Online

  • In the situation of aid, the nutrients can be introduced into the foods, for instance, beta-carotene is induced in rice to result in Golden Rice.

  • The abiotic stresses like drought or cold can be handled by the crops, and their production can be checked through biotechnology. In places that have extreme climatic conditions, such crops have been proven to be beneficial in case of handling harsh climates.

  • The production of detergents, alcohol, and cosmetic products can be done with the use of biotechnology

  • A widely used application of biotechnology is in the production of energy

  • In the development of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology has proven to be highly beneficial.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Animal Biotechnology

What Is The Importance Of Animal Biotechnology?

Animal biotechnology is highly important to increase livestock productivity, and also for the welfare and health of animals and humans. The food that we eat is highly improved with biotechnology like eggs and milk. The impact of animals on our environment can also be improved with biotechnology and biotechnology can also be used for the prevention, detection, and treatment of diseases.

What Biotechnology Means?

For the production of processes and products, the branch of applied science that makes the use of living organisms and their subdivisions is utilized which is known as biotechnology. And, the products being produced can be utilized in various fields like that healthcare.

Why Are Pigs Used For Biotechnology?

With the increasing demand for human organs, the xenotransplants can be given by pigs while they become the donor but the transfer of zoonoses which come from the animals to humans should be prevented.

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