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Fundamentally, Theoretical Physics deals with finding theoretical and mathematical explanations of the phenomena encountered in the real world. For example, the phenomenons of diffraction, Young's double-slit experiment, or Quantum tunnelling marks as the phenomenons that have puzzled physicists for decades.

Essentials of Theoretical Physics Assignment Help

Theroetical Physics assignment

Classical Mechanics and Newtonian Laws of Motion!

If you are a student of science, then you must be acquainted with the classical equations and phenomenons of Newtonian Physics. But if you aren't, then our experts that provide Theoretical Physics Assignment Help have explained the concept in the easily understandable manner below! Isaac Newton was sitting under the Tree when an Apple Fell on his head and he found the inspiration to unravel the science behind it.

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A few years later, Sir Isac Newton Came up With the Formula of Gravity along with the other laws of motion! Further in 1687, Newton authored a book by the name of Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica ", a book that lays out the fundamental laws of classical motion and mechanics.

He explained the Three Fundamental Laws of motion as

1) An object motion tends to stay in motion with the same velocity unless an external force acts upon the object.

2) Force is directly proportional to the acceleration of the object.

3) Every object or action applies equal and opposite force on each other.

These laws may sound a little abstract, but it has been confirmed time and time again that objects follow these laws of motion on the macroscale with no exceptions.


Thermodynamics is the science revolving around the flow of energies and the conversion of the energy system. Thermodynamics primarily presents 4 laws.

With the help of thermodynamics, we could find that temperature at the atomic level could be understood as the vibration of molecules or atoms. For example, on a hot day, solar radiation would excite the atoms on the earth and thus raise the temperature of the earth. The vibration of these molecules carries energies which then get transferred to the skin, making us feel warm.

General Relativity

The theory of general relativity has puzzled scientists for ages! The theory of General relativity is often described for the objects in the frames in relative acceleration. It advocates that nothing can reach higher than the speed of light, as, after some point, gain in the acceleration would be compensated by the slowing down of time to protect the integrity of space-time fabric.


A lot of phenomena in the universe happen due to electromagnetism. For example, the magnetic field generated by the movement of the liquid core of the earth is a result of electromagnetism. The bright northern lights are generated as a result of solar winds bouncing off the strong magnetic field of the earth!

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One of the fundamental forces in the universe that generates electromagnetic forces in the universe are electrons. Electromagnetism refers to the magnetic force generated due to the movement of electrons.

Some pieces of matter have such arrangements of electrons and charges that they exert multiple forces on the charged particles.

These compounds can apply forces on other charged compounds such as a paper clip, an amateur in the motor, and more. Electromagnetic forces travel in waves.

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