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Overview of Mechanics

Mechanics is not something one can understand it with the snap of his fingers. It demands intense focus as well as dedication to understand even the simple concepts.

It is a branch of physics that focuses on the observation and study of motions of macroscopic objects. Physics is already something that haunts the best of the best students. Now, imagine the level of gravity when these students start exploring the deeper realm of the subject.

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Fundamental Concepts of Mechanics

  • Units and dimensions

If we are talking about the fundamental concepts of mechanics, then it is one of the most basic fundamentals. Speaking in academic terms, then the quantity has both dimensions that we can consider its fundamental nature. For example, every event that occurs has a duration of time. The duration may vary from event to event. It may be one hour or thirty minutes. In this scenario, we can refer to time as a dimension of duration. It is okay to compare quantities that belong to the same dimension, but we cannot commit a blunder to compare quantities of two different dimensions.

  • Vectors
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To understand vectors, you need to understand Scalars. If we put it in simple terms, then scalars mean a quantity with a magnitude. It tells us of much of something there is. For example, the distance between point A to point B or the volume or the temperature of your drink can be described as scalars. Vectors have both magnitudes as well as direction. In order to go from point A to point B, we must have the following information, and that is, the distance as well as the direction. They cannot change it as per the perspective and always remain invariant at all times. Do you know what else remains invariant?

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Other concepts of mechanics that our professionals make sure they will include in your essays are

  • The motion of a particle in one dimension
  • Uniform motion
  • Falling bodies and uniformly accelerated motion
  • Simple harmonic oscillations
  • Damped and forced oscillations
  • The motion of particles in two or more dimensions
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  • Circular orbits
  • Projectile motions
  • Angular momentum and torque
  • Center of mass
  • Collisions
  • Conservation of momentum
  • Relative motions
  • Coupled oscillations
  • And many more!

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