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Discrete Mathematics! What is it?

Have you ever wondered why is it called discrete mathematics? Well, it is because Discrete mathematics studies discrete objects, i.e., objects that are distinct or not connected. Rather than a mathematical branch, discrete mathematics is a description of a set of various branches that have one characteristic feature of being “discrete” instead of “continuous”. This is what makes discrete mathematics perplexing, rendering scholars seeking discrete math assignment help from professionals. So, let’s first understand this concept a little better.

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Mathematical world is differentiated into two major realms; discrete and continuous. Considering real and natural numbers together, one can observe that the former is continuous, while the latter is discrete. For instance:

  1. Real numbers: between 0 and 1, an infinite number of points exist (0.01, 0.0001, 0.00001, and so on), and the graph of x=y, if both x and y are real numbers, will be a straight line without any gaps, i.e., continuous.
  2. Natural numbers: while taking into account only the natural numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, … up to infinity) the transition between any two numbers is sharp without anything in between. Hence, there will be no gaps between any two points in an x=y graph, where x and y are both natural numbers.

What is the Use of Discrete Mathematics?

While students study discrete mathematics considering it only as an obligation, it has various other applications too, especially in information technology and computer science. Discrete mathematics helps computer science students to survive subjects such as compiler design, computer security, automated theory, databases, operating systems, and so on by acting as the base for all these subjects. Some of the other benefits that the study of discrete mathematics can impart include:

  • Development of mathematical thinking
  • Improved problem-solving ability
  • Solving certain other problems such as
  • Finding the shortest distance between any two points.
  • Sorting the lists of integers.
  • Drawing graphs with different conditions, including both without lifting the pen and without repeating the edges.
  • Making multiple combinations of alphanumeric passwords.
  • Encrypting and delivering messages with ensured privacy.

What Does Discrete Mathematics Cover?

As a separate discipline, discrete mathematics includes various topics, the majority of which are imperative from the viewpoint of information technology and computer science, some of which are:

  • Combinatorics
  • Functions
  • Graph theory
  • Group theory
  • Partial orders and lattices
  • Propositional logic and first-order logic
  • Relations
  • Set theory

What is The Best Way to Learn Discrete Mathematics?

Discrete mathematics is certainly an intricate and broad discipline, which covers a wide array of topics, however, the one thing our discrete mathematics experts suggest to the scholars who struggle with discrete maths and seek tutoring from our experts is to make sure they discern where its applications are.

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Since there are a plethora of areas where discrete mathematics is applied, including game theory, probability, and graph theory. Furthermore, once acquainted with the areas of its applications, the next important part is to understand the terminology and principles behind these applications of discrete mathematics. Besides, one should try to connect the learned terminology perspective to its practical utility.

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