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A computer network is the amalgamation of numerous interconnected computers for enhanced interaction and communication. Let’s discuss some of the fundamental concepts and topics related to computer networking.

Introduction to Networking

The outset of computer networking includes seven-layer of structural design or popularly known as the OSI model. In this, every layer performs a specific task. To know more about the layers along with their functions, ask for our networking assignment help.

Topology and Transmission Medium

It features the data transmission packet in all the networks where the mode of transmission can be visual cables and wires. On the other hand, topology is instrumental in distributing data through the network and can be a ring, bus, or even star topology.

Network Management and Safety

Aspects like data theft and hacking are common issues faced by network engineers, and it costs a lot to organizations. For this reason, it is necessary to learn the significance of network safety management. The topic helps the students to learn details on packet filter and tracer.


IPV4 and IPV6 are renowned TCP protocols in the field of networking. IPV6 offers a larger address space compared to IPV4. IPV4 is a 32-Bit IP address, and it is a numeric addressing method, while IPV6 is a 128 Bit address and an alphanumeric addressing method.

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Different Types of Network Topology

A computer network can be explained based on different network topologies such as star topology, ring topology, bus topology, mesh topology, and hierarchical topology.

Topology is the method of connecting different devices in a network. When you avail of our networking, assignment help, our experts will explain the diverse topologies in detail.

Star Topology

There is a central node in a star topology, and all the other devices get connected to this within a network. In this, not a single device is connected to another computer and communicates with other devices through the hub.

Ring Topology

In-ring topology, every single device is connected with its adjacent device and creates a ring-like structure. In this type of topology, the data go through every node before reaching its destination. Here there is no such requirement of a central hub for regulating data flow.

Bus Topology

In this type of topology, all the network devices and the computers get connected to each other through a single cable. It helps the devices to access data at the same time.

Types of Computer Network Described in Our Networking Assignment Help

Local Area Network

A local area network (LAN) is a kind of network that provides necessary service to the people staying at a specific geographical location. It is mostly used in organizations, universities, and largely in areas within a radius of 1 Km.

Metropolitan Area Network

A Metropolitan area network (MAN) is a network connection that connects the computer devices in a larger area, and it can span to few localities or even a town.

Wide Area Network

Wide area network (WAN) extends its service to larger communities living in a large ecology. It can be a combination of local area networks and metropolitan area networks.

Wireless Local Area Network

In a wireless local area network or WLAN, there is no physical medium or even connecting wires and cables for connecting different computers to a specific server. By considering our networking assignment help, you can better understand the type of computer network described above. You can also avail a better insight into the campus area network, personal area network, and system area network.

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FAQ on Networking

What are the crucial networking devices?

Network devices are instrumental for carrying out data to different devices of a computer network. The list of network devices includes a modem, repeater, hub, network interface card, router, and switch. A modem is an important device that is used for the modulation and demodulation of data. A modem transmits the information as an analog signal to telephone lines and converts the same to a digital signal at the receiving end. On the other hand, a repeater is an electronic device used for receiving signals and retransmit the same with a higher power.

What is a routing algorithm?

Routing algorithms are used for an effective and secure way of information transmission. It is an effective process of defining a route for effective data packet transfer from the source to the destination. Routing algorithms assist in directing internet traffic flow. The routing algorithm can be of two types such as adaptive routing algorithm and non-adaptive routing algorithm.

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