Apart from HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the crucial platforms that is synonymous with the world wide web. It helps in designing interactive web pages and is also one of the key components of web application design. Thus, the students in Canada who pursue computer degrees need to come up with the best assignments to sharpen their expertise in this programming language. On the other hand, extensive knowledge and expertise in the language also help the students design a bright and professional career. Hence, most students in Canada who fail to meet the fundamental need of assignment writing looking for the best JavaScript assignment help online. 

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JS (JavaScript) is also a text-based programming language that is used both on the server-side and client-side for developing interactive web pages. On the other hand, being a cross-platform language JavaScript features an array of objects, operators, structures, and statements. The language supports OOPS, functional and procedural programming. 

JavaScript along with HTML codes ensures the design of dynamic and interactive websites. When both HTML and JavaScript are used on web pages it reduces the run-time errors and the number of programs and pages. 

JavaScript plays a key role in developing web content, the syntax in this language is similar to C language but both languages feature different semantics. The web-based programming language supports different browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Mozilla. If you are confused in comprehending the complexities of the language then don’t worry. Gain an in-depth understanding by availing of our assignment help Canada

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Exceptional Handling 

Exceptional handling in JavaScript is all about handling errors in programming languages. In JavaScript programming, exceptional handling manages the flow control of the codes and handles the abnormal statements. 


Scope in JavaScript is the accessibility of variables, it defines the part of the program to have access to the variable for its visibility. There are mainly two types of scopes in JavaScript such as global scope and local scope. Global scope is about any variable that does not belong to any function or block; on the contrary, the variables called inside a function belong to local scope.


JavaScript syntax is a definite set of rules that helps programmers to construct programs effectively. The JS syntax defines two types of values such as fixed values and variable values. The fixed values are known as literals and variable values are known as variables.

FAQs on JavaScript

What Are the Categories in JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting language that helps programmers to include complex yet dynamic features on web pages. The display of timely content updates, interactive maps, and both 2D & 3D graphics you see on the webpages is because of JavaScript. The categories of JavaScript include Internal JavaScript, External JavaScript, and Inline JavaScript. In internal JavaScript, the JavaScript code features in the head and body section of an HTML page while in external JavaScript the JavaScript codes are hoarded in an external file employing the .js extension. On the contrary, inline JavaScript is used to minimize the number of requests from the web pages by including contents of external JavaScript resources in HTML pages.

What Are the Key Features of JavaScript?

JavaScript is a high-level programming language loaded with countless features such as delegation, first-class functions, prototype-based object orientation, and also dynamically typed language. In JavaScript, the language is associated with a value instead of an expression, and the objects are amplified with a prototype to use the same if there is a need for classes and inheritance. On the other hand, JavaScript supports both implicit and explicit delegations which are all about accessing an element of one object with respect to another object. Another key feature of JavaScript is its first-class functions which the language supports as arguments to other functions.

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