Literature is something that fills colour in our lives; from joy to sorrow, from excitement to fear, we can add expression to everything around us through a piece of writing. Scholars of English are fond of excellent write-ups that carry some meaning and are pen downed uniquely. While learning, they enjoy reading masterpieces of legendary writers, poets, and dramatists from all ages of literature. However, reading is not the only thing scholars have to do throughout their academics. Also, they have to work on lengthy and comprehensive assignments. Although learners need to have a grip on both reading as well as writing, sometimes it becomes challenging for them to write up-to-the-mark assessments like an expert due to several reasons. So, they look for English literature assignment help from experts.

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Different Literary Genres that Scholars Study During Higher Education

Literature represents the culture and tradition of a society. It is the mirror that reflects society as it is. While learning literature, scholars have to study various literary genres written by immortal writers from different periods. Before learning and writing, scholars need to have a crystal clear understanding of these genres so that they can understand literary jargon and write-ups easily. Our English literature assignment help experts discuss some of the genres below.


Dramas are creations of dramatists in which stories are composed in a form of prose or verse. This type of writing is created for theatrical performance in which emotions and conflicts are expressed in a form of dialogue and action presented by different characters. Scholars are assigned to read and memorize dramas and understand the features of their characters and the central idea of the writing. Based on this, they work on different academic projects far and wide the academic journey. In case of any assistance requirements, they avail of English literature assignment help from seasoned academic writers of My Assignment Services.


Poetries are the fine piece of writings penned down by poets in a rhythmic manner that readers generally prefer to read. It includes images that create an emotional response and connection between the reader and the writing. Some poetries are difficult to understand and interpret. So, learners prefer to hire an expert for assistance.

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The piece of art written in a mystical form is always interesting to read because it creates a curiosity in the reader's mind. These types of write-ups are fictions that deal with solutions to an unrevealing secret or crime that needs to be investigated.


Fictions are writings based on unrealistic and imaginative stories with content that gives a clear message to the readers. These types of write-ups are not based on facts and findings. The writer presents his or her imaginative story in an interesting manner and style of writing.


Horror fiction creates a sense of fear in the minds of readers. The characters are also shown as afraid, nervous, and confused. Scary imagination, gothic structures, evil spirits, ghosts, afterlife stories, etc., are shown in horror stories in the form of writing. Generally, scholars are assigned to summarise the whole story or a few scenes and paragraphs. In some assessments, they have to analyze the characteristics and consequences as well.

For working on these genres of literature in academic projects, learners need to have an in-depth understanding of the story and strong expression skills. Due to a lack of expertise, they find it tough to create a scoring assignment file. So they hire English literature assignment help experts for assistance. Along with literary genres, you also need to have an understanding of literary devices and periods for writing a literature assignment without any hassle. Our experts have shown some commonly used literary figures in the image below.

english literature assignment help

For understanding the meaning and uses of these literary devices in detail, feel free to contact our subject-matter experts. They will help you in understanding all types of figures of speech used in different literary works.

They have also mentioned the periods of literature in the paragraph below for your assistance.

Periods of English Literature on Which Assessments Are Based

The beauty of literature is reflected in the period in which it is written. For a literature learner, it is essential to understand literary periods properly so that they have a clear understanding of the gist of the literary work. Our expert discussed the periods of English literature in the paragraph below.

Old English or Anglo-Saxon Period (450–1066)

Anglo-Saxon period of English literature comes from Germanic tribes, the Angles and the Saxons. This period begins with the invention of Celtic England along with the Jutes. The error of old English came to an end in 1066 when Norman France conquered England.

Middle English Period (1066–1500)

A huge translation in language, lifestyle and culture is seen in the middle English period. This error was extended to around 1500. The writer-ups in this period were mostly religious. Also, in 1350, secular literature began in this era. Famous writers like Chaucer, Thomas Malory, etc., contributed through their writings to make this period enriched. Notable pieces of art like "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" added stars to this period.

The Renaissance (1500–1660)

The Renaissance period is the most important in the history of English literature. It includes different subdivisions - the Elizabeth age, the Jacobean Age, the Caroline Age, and the Commonwealth period. English drama flourished in the Elizabethan Age and, it was known as the Golden Age. Some famous writers, like- Christopher Marlowe, Francis Bacon, and Sir Walter Raleigh, made this era highly recognizable and important.

The Neoclassical Period (1600–1785)

The neoclassical tales of literature are divided into different ages that are, the Restoration, the Augustan Age, and the Age of sensibility. Restoration comedy or comedy of manners flourished during this age and, the beginner of this form of writing was John Dryden and William Congreve. Satire also became popular and can be seen in the piece of art created by Samuel Butler.

Alexander Pro and Jonathan swift are the two prominent names during the Augustan Age. The Age of Sensibility also known as the age of Johnson, was the time for intellectuals like - Edmund Burke, James Boswell, Samuel Johnson, and many others. During this age, critical and literary mod and neoclassicism were at their peak.

The Romantic Period (1785–1832)

There is a debate related to the beginning of the Romantic period. Some say that it started in 1785, after the end of the Age of Sensibility. It is also said that it began in 1789 but the beginning of the French Revolution, whereas, people also believe that it was 1798. This period came to an end with the passage of the Reform Bill.

The Victorian Period (1832–1901)

This period is named after Queen Victoria who ruled after 1837, and this era came to an end in 1901 after her death. Social, intellectual, religious, and economic issues were at a peak that leads to voting rights.

The Modern Period (1914–?)

The modern period of English literature is traditionally known after the beginning of World War I. The features of this period were bold experimentation with the style, subject matter, drama, verse, etc. Write-ups by W.B. Yeats, 'The Centre Cannot Hold' and 'Things fall apart' reflects the modernist concern.

The Postmodern Period (1945–?)

The Postmodern Period began during the ending of World War II. It is said that it ended in 1990 and was the response to modernism. Criticism and Poststructuralist Theory were introduced during this age.

To make your understanding clearer about assistance services, our experts have shown a few samples of assignments written under their guidance below.

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Literary work that you learn throughout your academics is based on these literary periods. So, it is essential to have the knowledge of what form of writing was popularized< in which era and who were the prominent writers at that time. Generally, learners get confused about dates, and fail to remember the names and literary pieces written in different eras. So to help learners like you, experts of English Assignment are offering the best English literature assignment writing services in Canada. If you are also stuck while writing a literature assessment, don't think twice and get in touch with our team today. Place an order with us to avail of excellent English literature assignment help from seasoned academic writers.

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