Personal Health and Well Being

Maintaining the balance between Emotional and Physical Health

The gamut of emotional and physical well-being includes areas in medical science such as stress management, obesity management, pathology reporting, child psychological, cognitive behavioural health and diabetes management among other areas. It is a wrong interpretation in the area of personal health that if the person is physically strong and stout, then there is no illness of the mind or if the person is a prompt decision-maker who displays strong mental skill, then the person must also be physically strong.

Secret of Good Health: Exercise, Diet and Sleep

A good personal health & well-being is dependent on various behavioural and genetic factors. It is apparent that a smoker will not have the best health in comparison with a non-smoker. However, it is also true that certain toxic genes in the body of the non-smoker may make him vulnerable to certain disease. A non-smoker may also be vulnerable to risk of diabetes or heart disease due to over-eating. Therefore, it is not right to compare the health of two individuals. The secret of good health is based on the 3 legs of a tripod: the right amount of exercise, proper diet and adequate amount of sleep.

Individual Monitoring of Health

Every individual’s health should be monitored from time-to-time depending on their specific ailments such as hypertension, blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity, body pain and so on. Another myth is that mental stress is often a result of working for long hours. However, mental stress is a result of intrinsic disturbance in physical as well as mental health; for example: fatigue due to consumption of oily junk food or infection due to consumption of impure drinking water. Stress can also be a result of other factors such as road pollution, constant negative thinking or obesity.

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