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Human resource management is the manner in which employees are recruited and developed. The diploma course on human resource management introduces a plethora of practical elements that are performed in day to day organizational affairs. This course details out a plethora of functions that comes under human resource management. These include the in-depth process of employee recruitment and selection, performance appraisal, chalking out the career development path, induction of new employees, documenting policies and manuals for managing human resource, imparting training to personnel and finally the termination of personnel. Documenting all these needs one of have extensive practical knowledge on the subject. Most students opting for a diploma on human resource management requires assignment help mainly because these involves the drafting of policies and codes of conduct including the sexual harassment policy, anti-discrimination policy and the occupational health and safety guide. Documenting these policies not only requires extensive research but also practical knowledge as one needs to incorporate several practical aspects while drafting the small assignments that are given as a part of this curriculum.

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