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What is a Synopsis and How Do You Write One?
February 10, 2023
Author : Kristy

Do you want to write a synopsis for your book? Good for you. But what is a synopsis, and how do you write one? A synopsis is the first draft, or first stage of writing, which aids in the sales process by giving potential buyers an idea of what they will get once they purchase your book. It shows your audience what they can expect:

A summary of your novel is a simplified summary designed to pique the reader’s interest and get them to want to read the whole thing. You want to catch their attention in a minimal amount of space, so you must be bold and suggest that the story contains something extraordinary with expert consultation. Let’s first understand what synopsis is.

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What Should the Synopsis Include?

The summary should include the following:

A Whole Story Arc

The whole story arc is the complete storyline of your novel. The series of events lead to an outcome at the end of your book. You need to know where you are going and how you will get there to write a good synopsis for your novel.

It should include a brief description of the protagonist, her problems, and how she solves them by the end of the book. The synopsis should also include a detailed description of each problem your protagonist faces in the book and their outcome.

The Individuality of Voice and Plot Components

Your voice and plot components are important because they will help readers identify with your characters and understand what is going on in the story without having to read every word or scene themselves. These elements also make it easier for readers to tell if they like your book or not because they will have some idea about who these characters are and how they relate to each other.

This means that if you’re writing a historical novel set in America during the Civil War era, it’s essential not only to write about what people were doing at that time but also how they spoke and acted compared to how we would today. It would help if you also remembered that although different characters may have different backgrounds or personalities, they all have similar needs and desires for happiness or success.

Outcome or Conclusion

The outcome or conclusion section of your synopsis should give the reader a sense of the rest of the essay. It’s essential to use this section to tie together all the major points you made in the introduction and body paragraphs and then provide a final point that sums up everything you’ve said. You can also use this section to describe what’s unique about your paper and how it stands out from other similar papers. For example, suppose your topic is about how people react differently when they see someone holding an umbrella over their head versus when they see someone holding an umbrella over their head. In that case, you could conclude by saying that people are more likely to believe that others are being polite than themselves.

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Stages of Writing a Novel Synopsis

Concentrate on the Essentials

The initiation is to write down a list of everything that will happen in your novel. It’s best to start with the main character’s actions and then add all the other things in the book. If you’re unsure what those things are, it’s okay to leave them out - they can be added later on when you get more ideas for your novel.

Starting with the Main Characters’ Actions

Once you’ve written down everything that’s going to happen in your novel, it’s time to start writing! Start by writing down what your main character does first - this could be something as simple as starting their journey or getting into trouble or something more complicated like getting married or having an affair. Try not to worry about spelling mistakes - concentrate on writing down what happens next to move to the next step!

Include Character Motives

Now that you’ve written down all of your main character’s actions, it’s time to figure out why they did them! The third step is to give each character a motive for their actions so that readers can understand why each character is doing what they are doing. Motives can be shown through dialogue or verbal communication between characters in your novel or through actions both inside and outside a scene.

Emphasize the Distinctive/Uniqueness

What makes your story stand out from other books? How can you make it easy for the reader to tell that this is your book? (this part of the synopsis is where you want to give the reader a sense of what your book is about, but not so much that they know exactly how it ends before they start reading!)

Be Aware of the Voice

Is your writing easy to read, or is it hard? Have you chosen an easy style or written in a more difficult style? How do you want people to feel while reading your book? What tone do you want them to take when they look at your story? Think about these things while writing and as you go along!

Refine for Clarity

When someone reads through your manuscript, let them know if any parts need to be clarified or if there are any places where it seems like too much information was included or not enough information was included. Remember, readers are busy people who don’t have time for lengthy explanations, so keep things short and clear!


Proofreading is an essential step in any writing process. It’s the last step you should take before you submit your synopsis to publishers, agents or other readers. Proofreading is essential to ensure that every word in the novel synopsis flows well and is clear. Proofreading is checking your work for spelling, grammar, punctuation and consistency. You may also want to check for consistency of tone throughout the story.

When proofreading, you should look for the following things:

  • Spelling and grammar errors
  • Things that don’t make sense (such as a sentence fragment)
  • Any typos or grammatical errors that aren’t obvious to someone who doesn’t know what you’re talking about

Ensure the Flow of the Synopsis

Make sure the story flows well. It would help if you spent an hour or so reading through the synopsis again before putting it away for a few days. When you re-read it, make sure you notice any gaps in logic or inconsistencies in character behaviour that may be confusing readers.

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