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Financial statement analysis is a vital part of every organization’s process. It aims at evaluating, analyzing and interpreting the financial statements like income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement and other types of data in the organization. It helps the company to make decisions on its present conditions and make plans for the future which are beneficial for them by analyzing the company’s solvency, liquidity and profitability positions. Financial statement analysis is very important for the internal and external members of the organization. Since creditors have issued their money to the company, they focus on the debt paying capacity and cash flow statements. Investors are interested in knowing the company’s ability to pay dividends at a higher rate to them. Also, the management should know about the profit earning capacity of the firm’s operations. There are various methods of analyzing financial statements- In horizontal method, financial data is compared over a series of time and in vertical method proportional analysis is done. Also, ratio analysis is done to evaluate the financial condition of the organization.

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